“Don’t Wait ‘Til I Put Up A Fight”

I’ve been familiar with Mapei, mostly as a rapper, since the days of MySpace. These days, she’s expanded her sound significantly to include influences as diverse as gospel and Swedish club, and this musical evolution has resulted in what might be her poppiest (and best) track to date.

“Don’t Wait” is a heavy departure from Mapei’s Cocoa Butter Diaries EP, released earlier this year. Over an acoustic guitar, snaps and light percussion, the artist delivers vulnerable vocals that sound like they could crack at any moment. And despite the pitch-shifted layers on the verses—as well as the fact that she doesn’t have the pipes of Jennifer Hudson or Christina Aguilera—there’s a believable amount of soul on this track.

In an ideal world, Mapei could pull an M.I.A. and go from underground favorite to overnight success… But, well, we’re living in a world where this song is on the brink of the U.S. Billboard charts’ top ten, and “Don’t Wait” won’t ever get played on a single American radio station. Oh well! She can be our little secret.

– Dewitt

Listen to Mapei’s new single “Don’t Wait” below:



4 thoughts on ““Don’t Wait ‘Til I Put Up A Fight”

  1. When you say things like that, it’d be helpful if you provided some suggestions on what you DO like…

  2. There was a pop band from Boston that deserves some recognition for a couple of singles.

    Band name: Jada
    Singles: “American Cowboy” and “This Party’s On Fire”

  3. Haters to the left, this song is fucking fantastic. I know we already vibe on the same page and all, but this is one of my favorites that I’ve ever heard from you. Great shit.

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