“Don’t Care How Big Your Dick Is”

In the sea of cock-hungry size queens called “gay life as we know it”, there’s something refreshing about a guy who doesn’t lead the conversation with “HOW BIG R U?” Manhunt member simo35 doesn’t have time for any bullshit. If you want to get in his pants or take him out on a date, you better have a face pic handy, and he’d prefer that you take care of your body.

(Read more of what he had to say here.)

I’m usually not a big fan of guys who spend more time saying what they don’t want in their Manhunt profiles, but I’ll let simo35 slide since he’s a man with standards and, also, he’s fucking gorgeous. If I ever managed to get to South Africa, I would definitely try to hit him up for some “Oral Only” action.

– Dewitt

See even more of this handsome gentleman below:







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7 thoughts on ““Don’t Care How Big Your Dick Is”

  1. Handsome guy and good for him for taking such good care of his body. Loving that patch of chest fur too.

  2. Handsome and an oral lover to boot.
    Now if I just had the air fare.
    Does ManHunt need a foreign correspondent?
    I could do some field research in, oh let’s say, South Africa.

  3. the background of his pics give me the feeling of that guy who has that sex tape where he’s fucking with a guy when the dog run to the door and the boyfriend got back and things ended suddenly.. that guy.

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