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Doctor Queerlove

Hi Doctor,

I was wondering if you had any advice on what to do with a prince albert? I just recently started dating a guy that has one. He's the first guy I've been with who has one. I usually love to give head but I haven't to him because I’m not sure how to handle it. I don’t know how to begin. What do I do?

Piercingly Puzzled 

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Let me first holler at the Queerlove readers who may not be familiar with Prince Albert beyond rudimentary knowledge of the Royal Family.

A Prince Albert, or PA, is a body piercing where the ring or barbell is inserted into the male’s piss slit/urethra (to clarify, we are talking about the penis here), and then comes out through a pierced hole right below the glans, at the frenulum. It is widely held that this piercing heightens your sexual experiences by increasing sensitivity. It also improves sex for the other partner since the ring allows the top to better hit that (meaning those special prostate spots).

In regards to fellating a PA, I can understand your hesitation. The gauge or size of the ring may be daunting, but even if it isn’t huge, the idea of sucking a dick with a foreign metal object attached to it might take a minute to get used to. If your partner has a simple steel ring or barbell, meaning no fancy stones or dangling ornaments, you should be in no danger of choking on something. Just make sure the ring ends are tightly screwed on before taking them in your mouth.

Personally, I enjoy playing with a guy when he has a PA. Andy thinks its weird when the ring hits his tooth fillings, so if you have metal tooth fillings, it might cause a weird sensation. But for the most part, any awkward sensation is mental and will become less irksome with time. If you happen to have a tongue piercing, there is a slight chance the two rings might snag you. They might also get caught in each other. If this happens, stay calm. Most of the time, they unhinge easily.

When you decide to go for it, start by licking around the piercing. Also try gently tugging on the ring with your teeth. If it’s a thinner gauge, use your tongue to flick it back and forth. Not only is this pleasurable for your man, but it’ll help you get used to the idea of working over a cock with something extra. Condition yourself so you get used to the ring and you’ll be deep throating him before you know it.

A note about anal: when having the butt sex, it’s important that you buy condoms that have a bit of extra room at the tip to accommodate for the ring.

– Dr. Queerlove

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DISCLAIMER: Dr. Queerlove is not a doctor, of any kind. Not even a Ph.D. in Mathematics. So if you follow his advice and end up bruised, impotent and alone, you can’t sue us… because we’re telling you right here that you can’t.

10 thoughts on “Doctor Queerlove: Blowing Prince Albert

  1. It’s wouldn’t be the tooth fillings I would be worried about. I would be more worried about my actual teeth…agressive oral and/or face fucking…I don’t think that would be worth me possible chipping a tooth…it would have to be removed or it’s a deal breaker.

  2. lol, the advice was supposed to help me, but the responses to it still makes me nervous, guess i’ll just have to try it and see how it goes. and i’ll make sure he’s aware that i’ve never messed with one before. i’m not usually agressive when giving head, but if he’s as agressive when getting it as he is when kissing, i may have a problem. but i don’t think i would tell him to take it out, he did have it before i knew him, and he told me about it before we did anything

  3. my advice would be either to make him take it out or to dump him
    they are fucking repulsive, dirty and unhygienic and grotesque
    every time you lick a PA remember it is like licking the inside of a public toilet. it is covered in month old piss. yes he may shower, but that is just like flushing the public loo…. you really want to lick it???
    dump him mate

  4. Penis piercings are the most sterile piercings you can get. They have a 99% rate of healing without any complications because your urine is STERILE so there’s absolutely nothing hygienic about it.
    Secondly, if you’re worried about chipping your teeth, suggest PTFE (a fancy word for nice plastic) or something that isn’t metal. That way it won’t chip your teeth.
    Please learn about piercings before you make a bunch of statements.

  5. “But for the most part, any awkward sensation is mental and will become less irksome with time.”
    If you have any sort of metal fillings in your mouth, that awkard sensation isn’t just mental. Being the science geek I am, I know that if you put two different types of metal in an electrolye (like saliva) you will get an electric current. Your mouth essentially becomes a battery, so that “spark” you feel is actually there, though very very small, you do indeed get used to it.

  6. Thanks Pierced for getting to the ignorance before I did!
    I have my cock pierced, and though my bf is a devoted deep throater, he cannot do so when I have my piercing it, as it irritates the back of his throat and gives him a wicked sore throat for days. Since I’d rather have a nice deep throating session than one of those shitty hand + mouth blow jobs (like I have to give since I’m bad at oral lol), I have decided to just take it out. I occasionally wear it for a change of pace, usually when he’s going to fuck me with no oral foreplay.
    So if you’re a big fan of deepthroating you might want to ask him to take it out. But if you’re a regular bj giver, then follow dr. queerloves advice, it really does drive me crazy to have a guy play with the piercing with his tongue.

  7. I have a PA and my other half has learned to deep throut it, I have a Captured hoop. I did all my homework before I got it and made sur it was safe for me and him in that area. He tried it and had to work up to DT it. Now we go at it like bunnies. I also tap it once in awhile and love the feeling and he is more stimulated by it in him.

  8. i went down for the first time on a german guy with a PA i met here in manhunt a few weeks back. i didn’t feel anxious as i thought it was hot and beautiful. i didn’t have any problems and enjoyed the experience thoroughly. the contrast of the cool metal viz warm cock was a nice sensation in my mouth.

  9. Nothing here for a long, long time. Is this “blog” dead? If so, why not kill it and bury it?

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