Do You Think jakco Would Fuck Me Stupid?

Is it a conflict of interest if I prostrate myself on my knees before Manhunt member jakco, trousers down and a tube of lube handy? I know I work here, but a man has needs! Jakco is from Venezuela, and he likes wine, music, swimming, running and lifting weights. Those last three are obviously why he looks like that. I’ll bring the wine, and we can listen to whatever music you want (for you, I’d even endure country).

I just realized how closely “prostrate” sounds like “prostate”. That’s no coincidence.

Check out pics of jakco below. Learn more about him by going to his Manhunt profile.

– J. Harvey





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3 thoughts on “Do You Think jakco Would Fuck Me Stupid?

  1. Hmmm…I seem to detect a theme from the first 3 of these postings. Might there be a fondness for Latin America, J. Harvey? Not that there’s anything wrong with it. 😉

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