Troye Sivan Took A Hit Of Poppers On Set For His New Album

Take a sniff.

Troye Sivan isn’t holding anything back as he promotes his upcoming album Something To Give Each Other.

As the cover star of the Australia and New Zealand edition of Rolling Stone, Sivan is getting candid on his sex life, new music, and how poppers had a huge impact on the record.

Sivan has already admitted that his new album is based on a hookup he had with another guy, so why not capture everything that goes into it?

In fact, the cover art for Sivan’s hit single “Rush” was quite literally under the influence of poppers. Besides, “Rush” is the title of a popular brand of poppers after all.

The cover art for “Rush” shows Sivan laying down on a bed and definitely giving sex-positive energy.

Turns out, he told Rolling Stone that he chose to take a hit of poppers during the shoot to give off “the same flushed feeling” people experience when they take poppers.

“If you go back, there’s this tiny vein on my head,” he said. “It’s my favorite part of the picture.”

Sivan’s upcoming album Something to Give Each Other is set to drop on October 13.

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