Diesel’s Freaky Foot Fetish

Diesel Foot Ad

You would expect something edgy from the Diesel Spring/Summer 2009 ad campaign, but this year's blitz appears to verge on the creepy and kinky. This advertisement stars Jon Kortajarena and an anonymous old-timer with a monster foot fetish. They've got to be what, size 12?

Creative Director William Das said this about the campaign: "There are no messages, themes or commentary to understand. Our objective is to intrigue and provoke a thought."

Sexy or scary, what do you think?

– Wilbur

3 thoughts on “Diesel’s Freaky Foot Fetish

  1. First of all this is a scary ad. Second it isnt a good photo. Third, the director is dumb by sayiny that “There are no messages, themes or commentary to understand” but goes on to say “Our objective is to intrigue and provoke a thought.” Now if they dont have a message, theme, or commentary then the viewer would feel nothing, and there would be no need for the add. Further if they want to provoke a thought or intrigue the viewer, then they do have a message to send out to the viewer, no matter how shallow it may be. EVERYTHING HAS A MESSAGE…ALWAYS!!!

  2. I love this… Diesel’s ads are always known for pushing the envelope. Also that they chose two men shows that they have no fear with homoeroticism in advertising…
    I don’t even have a foot fetish !

  3. The one icky troll, not too much of a selling point for me. Diesel could have used two hot guys, instead of Uncle Fester plastered to the hot guy’s shoe. Sure, I’ll buy the “contrast” theme, or the excuse to not make the ad look too contrived. I still won’t buy the shoes.

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