Diego @ The Movies: Rent/Netflix These For The Hot D00ds

After last weekend’s colossal misses*, this weekend’s movie selections were top notch and all about the boys:

How had I never heard of The Disappearance of Alice Creed (2009)? Hot, hot, hot dude (Martin Compston) stars as Danny in this psychological thriller about a kidnapping gone wrong. Personally, I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what (or how little) Danny would be wearing in his next scene, but, I suppose I have to give cred to the other stars (Gemma Arterton as Alice and Eddie Marsan as Vick) who were truly amazing in this flick. With lots of tense moments and some hot, sexy scenes, you’ll be glad you nabbed this one.

Does everyone love Adrien Brody like I do? The Experiment (2010) reminded me a lot of Lord of the Flies, but with hot, grown-up guys and a shower scene. Adrien is looking a bit thin and lanky but wears it well, as he rises to the top of the food chain in this intense psychological thriller. As if Adrien and some homoerotic sexual tension weren’t enough, Cam Gigandet, Forest Whitaker and Travis Fimmel (hot Aussie) round out the cast. I’m ready to write the sequel, The All-Male Orgy Experiment. If only.

– Diego

* Abduction – Is there any reason for Taylor Lautner to be in a movie with his shirt on? And The Smurfs – I should have known better, but had to see for myself.

Here are some more pics of the hotness:

The Disappearance of Alice Creed:

EDITOR’S NOTE: There are boobs in this video. Apologies if you can’t handle that.


The Experiment:

6 thoughts on “Diego @ The Movies: Rent/Netflix These For The Hot D00ds

  1. I happened up on The Experiment on TV recently.   There is a scene where Cam (drooling) tries to force a guy to give him a blow job.   Later on in the movie he tries to penetrate the same male actor.   It was oddly erotic to see him forcefully coming on to another man.   If he had only done that to Stanley Tucci in Burlesque, that movie would have been watchable.

  2. “Mysteries at the Museum” actually showed a clip about the university experiment this was based on.

  3. The Experiment was pretty good. You give people power and watch them change and what people will do for money.  Nice fight scene in the end as well.  For that amount of money I would play along. 

  4.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanford_prison_experiment

    Anybody who has ever taken a basic Psych class has heard about this.

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