Diamond Rings: “I’m Just Me”

John O’Regan, the man behind electro-pop act Diamond Rings, takes a page out of Morrissey‘s handbook by refusing to let the media pressure him into labeling his sexuality. He doesn’t identify as either gay or straight, which isn’t to say he’s bisexual, asexual, questioning or anything else that might be running through your mind. He just doesn’t need labels.

Sure, you can call that pretentious. You might be right. Sure, you can call that a coded way of saying “I’m gay” without really saying it. You’d probably be wrong. This guy’s so out there, stylistically and musically, that he has nothing to lose by giving an answer either way. I respect that he acknowledges the fluidity of sexuality and the fact that it’s okay to be confused, uncertain or just plain against the idea of self-identification.

But this is about the music, right?

O’Regan just released the music video for his appropriately titled new single “I’m Just Me”, a track which has echoes of Depeche Mode and Tears For Fears (and sounds nothing like Lady Gaga, so stop trying to make that comparison happen gay blogs!) It’s arguably one of his best efforts yet, and I’m pretty much destined to have a cathartic moment where I dance alone (whilst drunk and sad) to this song over the weekend.

– Dewitt

Click through to watch the music video for “I’m Just Me”:

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