Days Of Our Lives’ Gays Readying To Bang


YAY! Because housewives and unemployed people need their gay soap characters to be sexually active! Listen, if Sam and Jason on GH can blaze up the sheets, then Will and Sonny on Days of Our Lives can bend each other over and startle all of Salem with their sex grunts! It’s always a hallmark of how far we’ve come as a people when we’re represented on daytime television. The only story worth watching on Days of Our Lives this year has been the adorbs Will (played by Chandler Massey) coming to terms with his homosexuality, and then realizing he has a major boner for his best gay friend Sonny (Freddie Smith). NBC has announced that Will and Sonny will make sweet, sweet love on November 14th. DOOL hasn’t been this good since Marlena killed the majority of the cast (one by circus tiger!) after being brainwashed into becoming the Salem Stalker!

Check out a clip of Will and Sonny engaging in some serious foreplay after the jump.

– J. Harvey

331 thoughts on “Days Of Our Lives’ Gays Readying To Bang

  1. I dont watch the entire show..I go to Youtube . Subscribe to AnthonyLangford…he posts just the scenes with gay characters from a multitude of shows nationally and internationally. So if you get tired of dvr-ing then fast forwarding..he is your man. This story line filled the emptiness left by Luke-Noah-Reid and Kyle & Oliver.

  2. I missed the part about Marlena’s brainwashing and the circus tiger. But if this steamy clip is any indication, I gotta find a way to tune in on November 14.

  3. dang guys…..for soaps to be around so many decades and to finally see us portrayed on national daytime TV…well I think is pretty astounding. Sensitively done (when needs to be) super hot (when needs to be, well for daytime) makes it seem pretty normal……FINALLY

  4. I’ve been watching this relationship develop from the very beginning before Sonny even appeared on DOOL and they started hinting on Will being gay with his then relationship with Gaby. Seeing this relationship grow and also how the writers are handling this is very commendable. They’ve been working them slowly from getting them together to even their first kiss. The writers have realized that a lot of people are invested with them and are starting to turn them into one of their power couples.

  5. We certainly have come a long way! Either that or like you say there are a lot of unemployed homos couching it up … I think it’s a great statement – we have to endour the perfectly lit and impossibly made up vagina scenes … quid pro homo!

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