Dawson Riley Leaves Josh Griffin For Baby Mama

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Another one bites the dust. Porn star Dawson Riley has decided to leave the industry. Last night, he posted the following message on Twitter: "This is a notice to everyone I'm retiring from the adult industry and I won't be coming back!!" After reading on Unzipped that he left to get married, I assumed that he shacked up with his boo Josh Griffin.

Any logical individual could have guessed that this wasn't the case, as same-sex marriage still isn't legal in California. But who ever said that I was logical? In the span of what seems like two days, Dawson has somehow broken up with his boyfriend and married a woman. To be more precise, this is a woman who he has a one year-old daughter with. Um, it's times like these that Jerry Springer needs to be back on television…

Upon doing some detective work on Riley's page, we weren't able to figure out the full story. Apparently it involved someone getting drunk? Accusations of being controlled? It's not really clear. Thankfully, Josh has issued a particularly graceful statement on this matter. Click through to read it!

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To read Josh's statement, follow the JUMP:


"Yes, the rumors are true. Dawson Riley has elected to leave the adult industry, get married to a High School Sweetheart and raise their 1-year-old daughter with aspirations of growing their family. In this, yes we have broken up…I really don't know how to feel…I respect, love and appreciate him accepting and taking care of his responsibilities. If that leaves me out, so be it. I can be hurt and heart broken, but ultimately I have to respect and appreciate this decision. I will not really discuss the series of events that led up to this, nor is there any reason to attempt to smear an otherwise amazing, loving, and caring person that I will always care about and be there for as a friend whenever he needs me…I have no information as to his ultimate future or whether or not he is or will continue with Randy Blue or work for any other company. I do not believe he will… I still love him and will continue to be his friend when he is ready. Until then I hope and pray that he has an amazing and blessed life with his new wife and child and that he continues to meet success." (via Unzipped)

15 thoughts on “Dawson Riley Leaves Josh Griffin For Baby Mama

  1. I think you may be Charley… me personally I get more turned on by bisexual porn stars. I still have a somewhat hard time believing in gay-for-pay.

  2. i mean
    from the start there were rumours that heard
    like they werent really a couple and this was just for publicity
    end of the day…they do porn
    thats it

  3. I can’t imagine he would have lasted long anyway. It seems like he was overexposed months before he even did a scene.

  4. Straight men should NOT be allowed to do GAY PORN!!! if he’s straight, i couldn’t care LESS about this douche bag! 😀
    p.s. Bisexual = CLOSET CASE (who will probably NEVER come out)

  5. wow all of you make me sick. dawson is a great guy and obviusly he didnt just run off and get married there are thing none of us know that went on in there relationship. dawson relayed over to a fan that he was always in love with his babys mom so let him be happy

  6. more lies from dawson riley. the baby ain’t his. his story is dope. he tells some people he’s engaged to the “mother,” but tells others he’s not. dope.

  7. everything out of this guys mouth has been nothing but a lie. he doesn’t have a child. known him since before porn. and you thinking he’s not gay? that’s a joke. he’d post pictures on his twitter of the “car he bought his boyfriend” etc. he doesn’t have a dime to his name. when he tried to get an apartment with me, he bailed last minute because he could even come up with HALF the security deposit. he’s a user and a liar. tried to help the guy and give him advice on the industry. don’t know much about the gay side since i’m in straight porn and a girl, but i’m sure someone tried to take advantage of him and he wasn’t used to that since he’s usually the one trying to take advantage of others… and he fails miserably at it. glad to see you’re gone gay-boy… we have enough fakes and liars in LA. one less is no chip off our shoulder. good riddens.

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