35 thoughts on “David Arnot Has Some Extremely Hot Models

  1. That first model is a freak. I’ve never seen a human that is so distorted…is this a joke?

  2. The first photo made me say “OMG, can anyone really be this hot?”, the middle photos are just the run-of-the-mill model photos, BUT the last photo just stopped me cold. That last photo is something else and totally made me forget about every photo in this spread that came before. I realize that everything came together just right in this shot, and the model will probably never look that good in any other picture, but – I’m palpitating, I’m drooling, sweating, having hot-flashes. That shot is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

  3. Yea, not so much for me on the first picture but the next 4…HOLY HOTNESS! Especially the 3rd one after the jump. GULP!

  4. The 3rd pic is so effin hot. I’m definately a body hair boi..and the pit shot and pubes peeking out is so fucking HOTTTTTTTTT!!!

  5. what are you talking about… the hair is barely there… I hate hairy bods and this appeals to me… are we looking at the same series of pics.

  6. Yes they are beautiful but those scowls!!! I wonder what exactly is it that so pisses of pretty biz.

  7. They were ALL HAWT!!! I mean from tha 1st pic 2 tha last I was absolutely in lust…lol!!!

  8. Anothershadeofblue I think all those shades of blue R starting 2 DISTORT your eye sight ……….

  9. does anyone know the name of the model in the first pic with the tats and the huge ass? cheers

  10. The first model’s name is Vince Ramos but I am desperate to know who’s the last model! He is out of this world!

  11. The first guy is Vince Ramos! But I want to know the name of the sexy guy on the bottom with that black wrist band on. He is out of this world!

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