Daniel Radcliffe Wants You to Stop Calling Him Daddy

Daniel Radcliffe is the latest star to sit down with Buzzfeed to read thirst tweets people have written about him, and the main takeaway we got from the interview was that the Harry Potter star does not enjoy being called Daddy.

As the questions get started, he warns us, “If you hear someone else laughing in the background, that is my girlfriend.” It seems that Radcliffe is self-conscious about his eyebrows and doesn’t like being referred to as a “small, soft boy.”

Hilariously, he has no idea how to react to a tweet that reads, “Are you really gay if you didn’t google ‘daniel radcliffe equus naked” back then.” “Well, that is a question” he responds.

Multiple tweets refer to the 30-year-old as a daddy, and it’s clear that Radcliffe does not like it. “The daddy thing weirds me out. I don’t like this daddy kink, guys!”

“This has been fascinating” Radcliffe wraps up the segment before deciding to tell his parents not to watch this particular interview.

Via Pride

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