‘Survivor’ Fave, OnlyFans Star Ozzy Lusth Comes Out As Bisexual

Fans couldn’t be more excited that Survivor legend Ozzy Lusth has come out as bisexual.

Lusth was first introduced to reality TV on Survivor: Cook Islands, where he finished in second place back in 2006. He later came back for three more seasons – Survivor: MicronesiaSurvivor: South Pacific, and Survivor: Game Changers. His best placement as a returning castaway was in South Pacific, where he got fourth place.

Now, Lusth has taken to social media to speak out on his sexual orientation. The Survivor fan-favorite wrote in a tweet: “And for my Republican Colleagues, and anyone else who matters, Yeah I’m Bisexual. Am I committing crimes?? If so come get me. Let us ALL live with dignity. Ask yourself if you support people or the fucked dogma you’ve been fed. #ozzyisBi.”

Historically, Lusth has always been outspoken about his distaste for certain Republican politicians and the bills they have advocated for. Most castaways keep pretty low profiles after appearing on Survivor, but Lusth’s massive popularity on the series made it pretty impossible for him to lay low. Aside from his regular social media activity on Instagram and Twitter, Lusth has also joined OnlyFans to share adult content.

As fans started to react to his coming out, Lusth shared tweets responding to the ongoing discourse. In one tweet, the Survivor alum joked, “Admitting I’m Bi, the only question y’all have is; Top or Top?” He then replied to a follower who noted that the Republican party includes LGBTQ+ individuals. Lusth replied, “And too many more sit idle and support leaders who spew hate.”

Lusth has long been considered a heartthrob on Survivor, so many fans will be pleased to know that he happens to be bisexual. His public relationship record includes dating South Pacific costar Amanda Kimmel as well as a two-year romance with none other than Lindsay Lohan. The topic of him being bisexual never came up on the show.

On his Twitter account, Lusth has previously uploaded photos of him in the shower with other men — he has also wished fans Happy Pride previously. His OnlyFans account features content of him nude, mostly solo.

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