Daddy Mugs: Hot or Not?

Daddy Mugs

Meet Daddy Mugs. He’s kind of like Jake Cruise 2.0, only more obsessed with feet and twinks. I happened to come across photos from one of his shoots on another blog, and a colleague blurted out a big “ew” when he saw them over my shoulder. Though I imagine a lot of you would agree with that sentiment, I’m not with you.

Yes, the star of Daddy Mugs isn’t “conventionally attractive” by any means, but there’s something extremely hot about this normal guy fulfilling younger men’s daddy fantasies. Our community is so brainwashed with this idea of “younger is better”. Not true!

You might think that people visit this site to jerk-off to the guys he’s fucking, but guess what? If Daddy Mugs and one of his models simultaneously invited me over, I’d go for the mature man over the pretty boy. Seriously! And if he wore his cop uniform and whipped out the handcuffs, that’s even better. Call me crazy if you’d like, but the weirdest thing about this site for me isn’t the older-younger combo… it’s the foot obsession! How about you? Would you let Daddy have his way with you?

– Dewitt

For some NSFW photos from Daddy Mugs, follow the JUMP:

Daddy Mugs
Daddy Mugs
Daddy Mugs
Daddy Mugs
Daddy Mugs
Daddy Mugs

22 thoughts on “Daddy Mugs: Hot or Not?

  1. as a daddy myself I find this extremely hot I am 55 and do several guys in their twenties and they love it — no model here but my thick sevena dna half makes up for it

  2. Daddy could stand to lose a few lbs…I to have had a few twenty somethings myself, some good some not so much…

  3. so umm yeah… what do you mean
    “Our community is so brainwashed with this idea of ‘younger is better’.”
    do you HONESTLY not read your comments section atall? i incredibly rarely see someone talk about how guys are hot because they are young, just “lol bitter old jealous guys”
    *looks at lack of manhunt suscription even though he won a free month in the 1st manhunt reaches 1 million commenting contest*
    oh, yeah, you don’t! >.>

  4. I actually submitted my pictures to Daddy Mugs about two months or so ago. He said he liked, but the fact that I live in the western US and he’s based in Ohio makes it hard for us to work anything out.
    But in any case, I say BIG TIME HAWT 🙂

  5. Yeah, I love the comment about our community being obsessed with youth. And, I wonder who typically visits that site – – older guys interested in younger guys? Just another way to spin the age thing. Give me someone who is age appropriate to me any day.

  6. listen guys, im a hot twink and more then 50% of the emails i get are older men, like 50+ trying to buy me. i have no interest in that, would never have sex for money and i have nothing like that in my profile. older men are generally rude and as soon as i reply to one, to be nice, they assume im coming over.
    anyway, this guy isnt terribly ugly, but no thanks. i dont think i can sleep with anyone more then 8 years older than me. i dont need another father.

  7. God, gimme a freakin break! Older gay men bitch and moan about how they have become the “invisible” males of the gay community..but let some (barely old enough to drink), empty headed, boney twink walk by and all hell breaks loose in their pants! God what hypocrites!

  8. Nex- “feel obsession”?? What others like is what others like- maybe you aren’t into it, but there may be some stuff each of us likes that others don’t. That is called diversity. For example, I can’t understand folks who like scat- and am really turned off by it, because it has such potential for really bad things happening. That said, I am not gonna say that because I don’t like it it shouldn’t be happening. It amazes me how many true prudes there are even on such an open site like this. As far as Daddy Muggs being “fugly”- also just your opinion, and you have a right to it- even if I think you are CRAZY!! Blocked User- more of your usual bitchiness. You almost never have a good thing to say about any of these blogs, so why do you bother looking at them? and Dewitt is right- so many of the posts are like Jace’s- and Jace, remember that one day YOU will be in the unenviable position of being over 50, and will be receiving rude responses from younger guys that you think should be interested in you. So be kind and courteous, and if they don’t get the message, block them, silly! By the way- 8 years older than you is not old enough to be your father, unless he was VERY advanced, or from another planet. Many guys really are looking for a Daddy type, because they had such an unsatisfying relationship with their own Dad. if all you men could just be a little more open-minded, the gay community wouldn’t be one of such ridiculous extremes.

  9. terpmaniac – interesting name. must be into uncut, like me… and my own “older gay man experience is STILL that I am turned on by mern my age or older, and I am about to turn 56. Many guys are fascinated by hot young men- is that wrong?? What IS wrong is guys who simply state that “they are NOT and never will be interested in (fill in the blank).” That shows a total lack of sense of adventure or of broadening their experiences. How can anyone categorically say that they will NEVER be interested in something? (well in my case, I said that a long time ago about women, and it IS still true). But if you like men, then leave your mind open to the possibilities…

  10. Look, if you are a fat-old-thing who likes pretty-young-things, fine..have at it! But please stop bitchin about how unfair the gay community is to YOU because the pretty-young-things arent falling all over themselves to get to you. Here’s a novel idea. Maybe you, YOU should expand your idea of whats hot and sexy and beautiful to include men over 25 for goodness sakes. (I happen to love older men, think they are sexy as hell)
    On a side note. My handle refers to the University of Maryland Basketball team..the Terps(Go Terps)!

  11. I have no issues with age at all and I am I guess what one would dub “young”. However, I think this Mugs guy is just not hot and that has nothing to do with his age. Doubly, I have seen some clips from that site and they are anything but entertaining. We all are entitled to our opinions though!

  12. “Many guys really are looking for a Daddy type, because they had such an unsatisfying relationship with their own Dad.”
    It’s almost Father’s Day so I got to say this is not true. I love daddies and it has nothing to do with a bad relationship with my dad. That’s all!

  13. Oh hell yeah, daddy mugs is hot hot hot. wish i were a hot young twink so i could get plowed by him lol!

  14. i do realize i will be that age someday. and by that day, i hope to not need manhunt. im sorry, i just dont appreciate anyone that cannot read “no one over 30” in my profile. dont waste my time and yours. they should branch out, like what was said, and find someone their own age. it makes more sense and their feelings wouldnt get as hurt when turned down.

  15. i’m a college guy and i have to say, age isn’t really that important to me. i like older guys b/c of the stimulating conversation, their stability, and their sexual skills.
    when i look for guys, im not looking for young twinks, im into hairy guys who are slightly older.

  16. i have to agree with the article. These twinks in the pix shown, at least, just weren’t that interesting to me.
    But then, I actually do have a messed up (read: nonexistent) relationship with my father, so I can’t say much about how normal it is.
    I’m not saying the guy is perfect, but I certainly wouldn’t throw him out of bed.
    I felt differently when I was twink-aged, though, but then again, I wasn’t getting any, so maybe if I had gotten over the idea that I would be missing something not being with guys my own age, I wouldn’t have spent my college years so frustrated.
    That said, most of the local older guys weren’t even as good looking as this guy, as I recall. So maybe I just needed a change of scenery in general. *shrug*

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