“Daddy Dean” Makes Eggs, Fucks Johnny Riley

Ok, the egg portion of the teaser goes on a little too long. But I do understand the important of establishing sexual tension. Johnny Riley plays Dean Phoenix’s nubile step-son. Mom’s away, and Daddy Dean decides that breakfast can fucking wait. I hope breakfast can wait forever cuz’ these two can BONE.

Dean takes Johnny’s cock into his mouth and works it like a pro, sucking Johnny long and deep until he’s nice and hard. Johnny returns the favor, begging Dean to have his way with his ass.

He doesn’t really have to beg.

Dean obliges, bending Johnny over and pounding him from behind before letting him take a ride on daddy’s big raw dick. Johnny rides it to fulfillment, stroking his cock as Dean plows from behind, then he flips over onto his back as Dean barebacks him missionary.

Oh yes, the action is RAW.

Johnny spits a massive load all over his chest as Dean pulls out and jizzes all over him, both vowing to keep this tryst their little family secret.

Hey Dean, I can keep secrets, too. I’m an EXEMPLARY secret keeper!

There’s more of Dean Phoenix daddying Johnny Riley’s ass below, and you can watch the whole scene, from eggs to jizz, at Next Door Raw.
Michael Xavier

Press “PLAY” to watch the teaser below.












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