Cool Inventions: Luminodot


Remember Lite-Brite? I’m pretty sure some of you grew up sticking colored plastic pegs into a black board like I did.  Bandai Japan has brought my favorite toy to its full potential.  Although I had other toys like Lego, Operation and Simon Says, nothing compared to my Lite-Brite at all! It plugged in, it was colorful and had patterns that lit up!

– Bumble Bee

I’ve got to give it up for the Japanese who came up with what I call the
funky version of Lite-Brite. This Luminodot grid can hold around 3,500
light pegs and has the ability to sequence through 25
animated light patterns. This is so perfect for those creative-minded
folks who want to create custom pixel images. Amazon Japan is currently
offering this bad boy for $96. If we weren’t in a recession and I wasn’t
on a budget I would so get this for myself.

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