‘Coffee House Chronicles’ Suggests Escorts as Anniversary Gifts

Gay anniversaries work differently than straight ones, and at some point, you may be looking to diversify in the bedroom.  Why not hire a pro to spice up your monogamy a little? After all, it’s not cheating if you’re both playing along!

The new episode of the Coffee House Chronicles is out and shows us an (uncomfortable, to put it mildly) initial meeting between Jamison and the pornstar/Rentboy he’s looking to hire. Things deteriorate pretty fast, and Kip (the escort) spoils all the illusions pretty much out of the gate, but he does have some pretty nice arms.

Coffee House Chronicles

What’s a client to do?

Watch Episode 4 of the Coffee House Chronicles:

What would you do? Would you have had Kip over anyway, and hope that enough red wine would wash away the memory of his girlfriend/toddler? Also – Have you ever had this 3-way dream come true, with you, your partner, and a professional third?

12 thoughts on “‘Coffee House Chronicles’ Suggests Escorts as Anniversary Gifts

  1. Hire a pro? Come off it. We’d much rather find someone who was genuinely interested in joining us than someone paid to be interested.

  2. There are benefits to both approaches. If the escort is good, you’ll believe he’s interested. Finding someone that is attracted to both people in a couple equally can be a challenge.

  3. I loved it. The interaction between a long term couple. The desire and the openness in wanting to spice-up a relationship. An escort who admittedly challenges to notion of monogamy but tries to remain professional. Finally the reveal, we see the escort was a life outside of his interaction with a potential client. A life with frustrations and hope.

  4. Wow! That’s a way more profound take on it than I had. I’m glad you got so much out of that story! I got instantly annoyed that the escort couldn’t keep his shit together. :/ Your view is much more understanding.

  5. I thought it was a touching tale. And I like the fact that it included older guys in the storyline.

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