Coen Brothers Spoof “Clean Coal”

The Coen Brothers, famous for directing No Country for Old Men, Fargo, and The Big Lebowski (among other films), have momentarily turned their attention to the Green Movement.

They produced this funny commercial which spoofs the idea of "clean coal."

Many politicians have expressed interest in developing technologies that would reduce the environmental impact of coal, but others claim that "clean coal" simply does not exist. For example, Cherise Burda of the Pembina Institute has said:

"(Coal) scrubbers remove some particulates, SO2 , Hg(2+) , and SO3
– pollution that causes smog – but they will do nothing to reduce
greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming. In fact, scrubbers
are energy intensive and could lead to more of these emissions, leaving
us further unable to meet Kyoto targets."

– Wilbur

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