Cody Rhodes: Behind The Mask

Pro wrestling is fake. No offense to you fans of those brawlin’ speedo jockeys, but they have writers. Don’t snap on me yet, because the BODIES are very real.

One of those bodies is Cody Rhodes. He recently ended a storyline in which his wrestler character was “disfigured” and had to wear a basketball mask for a period of time. So when he was on the mike bellowing at other wrestlers, his douchebaggy yet handsome face was hidden behind plastic. Drama!  He was recently “unveiled” and yep – still hot.

Honestly, I’m writing about him because wrestling is homoerotic and he looks fuckalicious in his Speedo. Also, I’ve been banned from writing about Nick Sterling for the rest of the year. FASCISTS!

Plus, I found a pic of him making blowjob face and I’m hoping some of you Photoshop wizards will superimpose a dick going in his mouth for your Tumblrs.

– J. Harvey

For more pics of Cody Rhodes, Follow the JUMP:

Check out that cock outline!

24 thoughts on “Cody Rhodes: Behind The Mask

  1. I love wrestling omg you are right it is homoerotic. and Randy Orton is fuckalous. I often think about me being double teamed but randy and cody. HOT!!!!!!!!

  2. In the last pic you the outline of Cody’s cock no cup there. I’m a huge WWE fan well Pro wrestling in general..But I love watching Cody in the ring.. I wonder if there is any openly gay Super Stars in the wrestling other than the bad story lines they ran in the 90’s and early 2000’s.. Billy and Chuck  in WWE and Lenny and Lodi in WCW.. Would be nice to see something different not over the top just different..But it probably won’t happen because GLAAD finds it offensive..

  3. LOL  RINGSIDEWARRIOR   :  Cody is not waering a cup and he looks 2 be semi erect  !!!  🙂  🙂 🙂

  4. I don’t know of any of the current guys that are openly gay other than Orlando Jordan, but I know that Pat Patterson & Brooklyn Brawler are openly gay. There are rumors of that Alberto Del Rio is gay.

  5. Really? REALLY?!! You do a post on Cody and DON’T have this pic. I thought you were all about it being Homo Erotic! lol! [img][/img]

  6. Why is this guy not doing gay porn?  He has the face, body, and (apparently) the dick!

    I mean, WWE is close, but I want to see the shorts come off!  Maybe we can hope for a Janet Jackson-esque “wardrobe malfunction.”  That would boost ratings for sure!

  7. Actually, in that blowjob pic, he looks like he’s being drilled up the ass! I’d love to see THAT hehehe.

    He sure is hot though. I’m sure he’s a homofriendly guy too. 😀

  8. Way to work Nick Sterling into your post without directly blogging about him again, sneaky fucker.  Anyway, that last pic…love it! I love that we can see the outline of his “manly” cock.  Dude is hot.

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