CockyBoys: Tegan Zayne And Max Holt Reconnect

You know when you’re on Craigslist and you check out that Missed Connections area? You just want to make sure you didn’t miss some dude who saw you on the subway and wants to blow you? Jake Jaxson of CockyBoys has taken this as inspiration for his latest series and he’s cast REALLY HOT…HAWT even…guys to have fuck. Tegan Zayne is delicious but then throw beefy Max Holt into the mix!

Tegan strips Max and takes his uncut cock in his mouth, causing Max to moan with pleasure as he sucks the entire length of it and licks his balls. Max returns the favor and before long, they’re 69ing, taking each other’s rock hard cocks deep in their throats, thrusting into each other’s mouths.

And then they get to the fucking!

Max bends Tegan over the bed and enters his tight hole, making Tegan groan with the anticipation of taking all of Max’s cock. Sucking each other’s tongues as Max thrusts on top of the writhing Tegan, they decide that it’s time for Tegan to ride Max. With Tegan bouncing up and down on Max’s cock as he rubs himself, Tegan blows his load and encourages Max to do the same. Stroking himself with Tegan as a hot and heavy audience of one, Max cums all over his taut stomach, much to Tegan’s delight.

Oh, there’s delight to go ’round! Check out the rest of Missed Connections over at CockyBoys.

Michael Xavier

Press ▷ to watch the teaser below.

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