Cocky Boys: Tegan Zayne Gets Clark’ed!

This makes me want to go to Montreal for poutine. And dick. Not together.

Tegan Zayne and Gabriel Clark have a lovely first date during Montreal Pride. They revel in the general good-feeling of French-Canadian gay gay gay. Then they enjoy some pizza. And then they go back to Tegan’s hotel room and Gabriel begins

slowly making out with Tegan before dropping to his knees and taking his rock hard cock in his mouth for the first time. Tegan loves the attention but can’t wait to get at Gabriel’s uncut cock so the two switch positions and Tegan swallows Gabriel balls deep. He gags a little but this stud knows how to use his mouth. Before you know Gabriel is pushing his head down on his cock and getting the blowjob to end all blowjobs.

But that’s just the blowjob part of the date. Before you know it,

Tegan is feeling a little playful so he grabs a Fleshjack and slides it on Gabriel’s cock. Teasing him with what it’s going to be like to fuck his ass. Gabriel enjoys the sex toy a lot but he’s hungry for some ass so he flips Tegan around and buries his face in his butt crack. Licking his asshole as Tegan moans with pleasure and pushes his ass back against Gabriel’s face. Gabriel drives his tongue deeper and deeper in Tegan’s asshole then stands up and points his big French-Canadian dick at the spit-lubed hole. He slides that cock inside and starts pumping it in and out as Tegan cranes his neck to watch what he’s feeling.

Oh, the feelings!

Gabriel fucks him good and hard doggy style before flipping him onto his back and pushing his cock back inside his body. He pounds that asshole good and hard as Tegan wraps a transparent jack off sleeve around his own cock. Maximizing the pleasure with every stroke as Gabriel destroys his hole. These two find the perfect rythm and enjoy every minute of the fuck before Tegan pushes Gabriel back and hops on his dick one more time.

Ride, Tegan, ride!

It doesn’t take long before his hand is a blur on his cock and Tegan announces that he’s going to cum. Hosing down Gabriel’s chest and belly as the French Canadian stud tries to catch as much of the cum in his mouth as possible. Tegan rolls off of Gabriel’s uncut cock and Gabriel aims that dick right back at Tegan. A couple of strokes later and he’s blasting Tegan with a huge load of French-Canadian cum that seems to go on forever. Gabriel shutters as the last drops land on Tegan’s belly then leans in to kiss his buddy.

“Welcome to Montreal,” Gabriel Clark says impishly and they laugh! Ordinarily, I am supposed to provide color commentary to the porn goings-on around here. But the press release from Cocky Boys that accompanied this scene was so thorough. I felt it wouldn’t be just to not let them say it in their own words.

There’s more from Tegan Zayne Gets Clark’ed below. You can watch the whole scene here.

– Michael Xavier

Tegan Zayne Gets Clark’ed
Cocky Boys
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