Cocktober Wrap: 10 Best Halloween Costumes 2015

There wasn’t a ton of lead up posts, but over the weekend, tonnnnnns of performers posted their Halloween How Naked Can I Legally Get Away With Costumes.  Here’s the ten best:


10.  Derek Atlas

Giving me a run for my hair money. Thank god I don’t have to compete with that mane the rest of the year:




9. Nick Capra 

This guy is so hunky and sexy anyway, he could basically pick any of the muscle-chested superheroes and called it a day.


8. Rogan Richards

I’m not 100% that this even counts as a costume. But I like Rogan and he’s the only one of this group showing dick, so he’s in.




7. Bray Love

There were farrrrrrr too many Minions this year. Bray coulda been a lot farther up the list if he’d figured out how to get that zipper lower.



6. Mickey Taylor

Seriously! Where is the nudity! The top 5 better all be naked.



5. Deviant Otter

This guy gets it. Thank god.



4. Bastille 

I don’t know if this qualifies for “costume” either, but those shoes require some commitment, so he’s in.



3. Luke Milan

Holy crap. The game just went up by a whole league. This is amazing.



2. JP Dubois 

The ONLY reason this isn’t number 1 is because of the sheer amount of coordination involved in #1. JP brought it HARD here. Wowser.



1. Eli Lewis + Company 

Jeeeeeeeze. This is how you win all the things.  You get the hottest people you know, cast yourself as the lead, and then march around New York being awesome. For the record, that’s (L-R) Jason Courson, Eli, Bryan Cole, Austin Wolf, and Steve Gant.



Amazing. I’m amazed. I always did have a thing for King Triton though…



Editied to add:

Late Edition Honorable Mention – Kieron Knight

I don’t know how I missed this one! It’s so hard to catch em all. 🙁

Kieron Knight, Pokemon, Pikachu

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