Chris Hemsworth Going Nude for ‘Thor’ Thanks to Taika Waititi

Taika Waititi has been itching to give Chris Hemsworth fans all they’ve ever wanted from a Marvel movie — naked Thor.

Thor: Love and Thunder will see the god of thunder bare bum, something we learned from the trailer and that many Thor fans haven’t stopped thinking about ever since.

The clip shows Zeus flicking a chiseled Thor’s “disguise” (aka, “all of his clothes” away as he’s chained up in his hall, prompting several of the surrounding women (and men!) to faint at the sight.

“You flicked too hard, dammit!” Thor says, as Jane (Natalie Portman) and Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) debate helping him from off to the side.

As it turns out, Waititi, who directed and wrote the screenplay for the movie, had always wanted to make sure Hemsworth stripped down for the MCU’s first partial nudity scene.

“We all knew we wanted to do it from very early on,” he told “That was in the first draft of the script actually and Chris was on board as well. You know, I think you have a body like Chris, like, you know, even he understands. It would be…a waste to not show it off. It would be a crime against humanity.

“So, you know, you have to provide for the masses.”

The image in the trailer is blurred out, so fans are going to have to buy a ticket to get the full Hemsworth in the flesh. But for now, at least we have our imaginations.

…OK, and the pics help, too.

Via Pride

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