Chris Evans really wants you to see the tat he dedicated to his dog

Actor, superhero icon and occasional d*ck pic leaker Chris Evans took to Instagram this weekend to share a heartwarming (among other body parts) photo of his dog, Dodger, and that tattoo that he got in honor of the pup. Evans adopted Dodger in 2018 after coming across him at a local shelter and falling in love. The photo in question features the lovable pooch in a warm moment with a shirtless Evans.

“Dodger lying on DODGER,” the caption reads. But it’s Evans’ tattoo that seems to be getting most of the attention in the comments.

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Big smiles!

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“Can I be this dog for a moment” asked user tala4y. 

“Is this what the kids call a ‘thirst trap?’” wonders mandi_545.

Evans has Dodger’s name tattooed across his left pectoral, which also features prominently in the photo. We think it should at least get a co-star credit in the image.

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Dodger lying on DODGER ?

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The thirst trap picture of Dodger & Chris Evans follows on the heels of a video Evans posted to Instagram several weeks ago revealing his extensive tattoo art. That post became a viral sensation as fans marveled at Evans’ body art…among other features.

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