Check Out THESE Easter Eggs.

I had no idea that Easter was such a big discount weekend for the pornographic arts!


Ooof. If you thought there was some cheap stuff for St. Patrick’s Day, then let’s talk about all the sites that are offering bananas discounts for friggin Easter! I’m gonna give you a quick list here and you can click any of these to sign up or watch free previews or whatever (MOST of these have a $1 trial too, if you saw somethin special you wanted to test out first):


Falcon Studios 

A membership to the site gives full access to over 2400 exclusive videos, 694 DVD’s and 3 weekly updates. The men of Falcon Studios include the top pornstars of today along with the legends from the past 30 years.



Hot House

Filled with over 700 exclusive Hot House videos and some of the top models in gay porn today. Join Hot House today and get instant access to the best anal porn, ass gaping videos, hole rimming action and extreme dildo penetrations in gay porn.

Plus this new ‘Ass Friends’ scene with Josh Conners and Bravo Delta!



Icon Male

If you like your daddy/boy matchups with some plausible distance to make you feel ok about everything (they’re not REALLY father and son, so it’s totally fine that he’s ruining that kid’s butt with his monster cock!) then this is the house for you. Or if you’re just really fuckin’ into Billy Santoro.



Next Door Buddies

Next Door Buddies brings together the guy next door with the guy next door in the best gay porn sex videos on the internet. We are always on the lookout for fresh new faces and hot men to feature in hot gay porn. Of course, you will also find member favorite models and well-known porn stars who make an appearance in the best XXX male sex videos.



Raging Stallion

Seriously? What do you need to know about Raging Stallion? Joey D, Sean Zevran, Rocco Steele, Austin Wolf.  You good?



Lucas Entertainment

This Lucas sale is still live too! 9.95! Go check that out before they figure out how far past St. Patrick’s Day it actually is and shut this down. GO!




And if none of that did anything positive for you, here’s a gallery of easter dicks to keep you happy:


Bonus Easter Egg points if you can spot a much skinnier Aleks Buldoeck in those bunny pics!


– tyler

8 thoughts on “Check Out THESE Easter Eggs.

  1. Every time I clicked any of the Easter promo offers the promotional price was fifteen instead of ten.

  2. Every time I clicked any of the Easter promo offers the promotional price was fifteen instead of ten.

  3. Thank you for saying this. When i posted initially, it was showing a 9.95 join page, but it’s clearly not now. I just sent an email to our affiliate manager for these sites and the sale is meant to stay live until tomorrow night. So hopefully this will get resolved today.

    Not an intentional trick, I assure you. Pretty embarrassing.


  4. Hi @disqus_A9gW7CfEbj:disqus. I reached out to our affiliate manager about this issue and they said it was a technical screw up and not a deliberate switcheroo. They’re extending the discount pricing another week so if you were interested in any of these, you still have time to check it out. They’ve still got the $1 trials for most sites too.

    Thank you again for bringing this to my attention. If you didn’t say it, I wouldn’t have known.

    – tyler

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