Charlotte Church: “Breach of The Peace”

Should I be embarrassed that I kind of like the new Charlotte Church record? Does anyone even know who Charlotte Church is anymore? Eh, I’m not overly concerned! The Welsh singer’s latest project One & Two is a compilation of two previous EPs, and much like the new Steve Martin project, it caught me by surprise with how good it was. While “Beautiful Wreck” was a standout track for me—and I’d recommend “How Not To Be Surprised When You’re A Ghost” based on the title alone—the official single “Breach of The Peace” ain’t too shabby either.

The only direct comparisons I can come up with are P!nk and Florence + The Machine, and even so, neither of those feel particularly accurate. There’s a clear pop sheen to this, but it’s paired with some grit and an epic build-up that’s hard to resist. My apologies if if I’m not doing this justice(or building it up more than it deserves. My mind is still on cock.

– Dewitt

Watch the music video for “Breach of The Peace” below:



2 thoughts on “Charlotte Church: “Breach of The Peace”

  1. I was wondering about her a couple weeks ago! Who knew she was still making music? Good for her. I hope she does well.

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