Change the Music, Change the Dick

This is not a serious post.


Some days it’s hard to come up with stuff to talk about here. Not for a shortage of dicks or fucking or anything, but more because the more of this you watch, the more it sort of mooshes together and becomes sort of the same. Plus with my ADD, it’s hard to stay focused on any one thing long enough to really soak it in.

This COLT solo with Dean Phoenix (is he JD’s dad??) is perfectly hot and this guy does have a good dick, but all I could think about watching this was how much I couldn’t stand this music:



I mean, right? That’s so generic and vaguely 90s and I don’t know. It was a distraction. So I came up with a few alternatives to see if they improved things any:

First up – Selena Gomez improved the shit outta this clip form UK Hot Jocks. Maybe she’ll have the same powers here:



Next, I thought maybe we’d really try and pull out the performer aspect of this solo clip. Can Dean make stroking to this look sexy?



And at that point I was pretty much out of ideas, and got distracted watching movie trailers:



The full version of this scene is still totally gorgeous despite that bad background noise and Dean is a lucky boy to have all that skin to play with. Woof.


– tyler

3 thoughts on “Change the Music, Change the Dick

  1. I always had a thing for Dean, but I know what you mean about the music. But wait until you have several decades of watching porn, these days it has to be REALLY special to arouse my interest

  2. I like the Selena Gomez version the most then the Ghostbusters version just because Ghostbusters. There are certain models from the early 2000s that I wish were still doing work right now – Dean is one of them.

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