Cazwell’s New Single “No Selfie Control” is Ace

Here’s American rapper Cazwell’s newest single “No Selfie Control”. See how it’s both cleverly poignant and fun enough to be the kind of music you’d listen to on a road trip? Or anywhere else, really, as you take photos of yourself and not notice the irony – which is what  I’m doing right now? Who would have thought to tape your iPhone to a ceiling fan? Brilliant.

And that’s the thing about Cazwell – he does this delicate dance between ironic and sincere and he totally pulls it off. He’s a talented musician and wordsmith, a social commentator, a satirist, and he has a smokin’ bod.

He’s also regressed and looks either the same age or younger than he did when I first saw him at Boy’s Room in 2003. I still remember that: he was walking around in basketball shorts, and he’d drawn plastic surgery arrows all over his body.

The song is now never going to leave my head.

Charley Flynn.

Watch the music video for Cazwell’s “No Selfie Control” below:



7 thoughts on “Cazwell’s New Single “No Selfie Control” is Ace

  1. EDITOR’S NOTE: The opinions of Charley Flynn do not represent the opinions of Manhunt Daily as a whole, just as my opinions don’t represent the opinions of Manhunt as an organization. I happen to think Cazwell’s music is dreadful, and there are a ton of NON-WHITE queer rappers who deserve more attention than him.

  2. I read your ditty on Facebook about him and you. I think ManHunt made a mistake apologizing because it means you do in some way represent them. So they cut their own throats on that one.

  3. Haha, that was actually Steven Daigle who got an apology!

    Cazwell probably doesn’t care what I think, as long as people are watching his terrible videos.

  4. Not a big fan of CAZWELL’s music and/or videos, but have to admit this is actually quite acceptable/tolerable/meh (pick your favourite).

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