Cayden Ross Fucks Lucky Daniels’ Tight Ass (But Don’t Worry ‘Cuz He’s Still A Big Bottom)

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We'll never get tired of Cayden Ross putting things up his butt, and it's not just because he's a total slab of masculine beefcake. While the good looks may have gotten our attention, it's his eagerness to bottom that's kept us coming back for more.  

I mean, this guy clearly loves to have his hole plowed, whether it's being filled by Alex Eden, Richard Pierce, Reese Rideout or his own 7×6" dildo. And now Lucky Daniels is the next stud in line to work that muscle ass, but there's a catch! This time around, Cayden's thick rod will be getting a little more action than usual. Let's hope Lucky could walk after this!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Randy Blue

To see Cayden and Lucky in action, follow the JUMP:












Behind the scenes:

And a bonus video of Cayden on his own:

186 thoughts on “Cayden Ross Fucks Lucky Daniels’ Tight Ass (But Don’t Worry ‘Cuz He’s Still A Big Bottom)

  1. Cayden’s body is nice, but the tats and the faux hawk are deal breakers. And Lucky unfortunately resembles that worthless straight asshole Johnny Castle (who seems to have thankfully disappeared from gay porn). I’d do both of them, but only from behind.

  2. Cayden is so gay! And I love it. He looks all bad ass, but he so masculine, and he looks like he’s the coolest, sweetest guy ever. I’d love to meet him to just hang out! Hell I don’t even have to have sex with him. That’d be awesome if i did have sex with him, but i’d be happy just hanging out with him

  3. The Fauxhawk is total fail. And it doesn’t help that in most of the pics they have that fake “OMG this is the most pleasurable thing ever!” porn expression. But Cayden is a hot bottom and it’s even hotter that they flip. Almost makes up for the fails.

  4. Cayden finally gets to poke a butt….good for him…I also love to see a scene with him and Chris Rockaway…both of them are deliciously hunky!!!…yyyuuummmm.

  5. asking too much to actually see a cock in the pics or the vid?? randy blue trailers are always a big yawn, as they dont show squat…ive stopped checking them out.

  6. rob, the idea of Randy Blue not showing cock in their pix or vids is to show just enough to get you to buy a subscription…If some of these sites dont make money it may be because they show to much so there is no need to pay for it…they’ll edit the good parts out of the trailers so as not to give to much away…some sites are still very successful because thet have gathered some of the best talent and they’ve been around for a while so they can get away with not showing to much.

  7. I will never understand how tattoos are such a turn off for so many men with regard to these posts.

  8. i get it daddycentaur, thats why i dont visit their site, its all soft porn pap, albeit with some hot guys.
    i guess my real point is why does mh hump it here? besides them being a sponsor and all, lol. to show two guys fucking and no cock, like wtf??

  9. all the tat’s are a distraction and so is the body with NO FUZZ ANYWHERE – just reminds me of a chick with dick and that gets so old after a while ! GREAT BODIES but the tat’s are kind of silly….

  10. Can we have a BAN on tattoo comments, please?
    If you don’t like guys with tattoos, read some other fucking blog and stop your fucking whining!

  11. so- is Lucky a woman? because that is the only way he would be a “professional masseuse”. Males who give massage are “masseurs”. but listening to Lucky talk, I doubt that he has a clue. Both men are physically hot, but they are also a bit on the “duh” side.
    And Dewitt- in your quote about Cayden, don’t you mean “it’s not just because he’s A total slab of masculine beefcake.”? (you left out the “a”) you guys that write these pieces should be ashamed for not making sure you have written it correctly. Didn’t anyone take basic grammar in school? and before about 10 of you say “this is a blog not a spelling test”- please! you are writing for others to read- you owe it to the reader to actually type what you mean.

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