Caption This: Passed Out

Guy Passed Out

Once upon a time, a straight frat boy drank too many cans of Natural Ice. He was feeling quite fine as he danced to a Black Eyed Peas song, until the alcohol finally hit him and he passed out on his face. One of his frat brothers decided to pull down his gym shorts and take an embarrassing photo. He didn't stop to think that this picture would someday wind up on a pretty gay blog. Bring on your captions, boys!

– Dewitt

11 thoughts on “Caption This: Passed Out

  1. “Im drunk, Im passed, im hot and in commando… what are you waiting for??!! FUCK ME!!!!”
    And with that fine ass, I’ll do it, all right!!

  2. Dear Mom and Dad, I’m trying real hard to make you guys proud…gotta go to my study group. Talk to you later!

  3. Eric was very worn out after his frat brothers gangbanged his tight ass so he took a nap in the leftover debris.

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