Caption This: Part One, Couch Lovin’

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We wanted to start your morning off with something caption-worthy, but the image we really wanted to use was a bit too "ballsy" for the morning. As a compromise, we decided to put up this image of a cute, underwear-clad jock reclining on a couch with a beer and his buddy.

While the expressions on their faces tell a potentially priceless story, can we take a moment to pause and admire the happy trail leading into those tighty whities? I just want to tear them off and bury my face in this guy's crotch! And it'd be a bonus if his cock was as thick as that beer can…

But I digress. If you think you're clever, give us a really good caption for this photo. It's just asking for it, you know?

– Dewitt

4 thoughts on “Caption This: Part One, Couch Lovin’

  1. caption reads:
    “I reckon you like how straight-acting I am seeing I’m in my skivvies while holding this here Bud Light. Now fetch me some vittles, boy!”

  2. you show up unexpected, catch me in my skivvies, and feed me the better part of a sixpack so…what’s next gayboy?

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