Caption Contest/Gif of the Week

You guys did such a great job with last week’s gif that I can’t wait to see what you come up with this time! Here’s your challenge, via


That’s (I’m pretty sure) Sebastian Hook bouncing on his buddy, Zane Penn’s big fat cock – watch the preview clip here. This is allegedly [“omg bro I’ve never done anything like this before”] Sebastian’s first time bottoming. Based on this gif, hey, Mikey! He likes it!

Here’s my caption (because sometimes you gotta multitask when your stories are on tv): (1)

You guys remember how it works: Keep it short – 250 characters or less – and make it funny.  Prize changes weekly, but I’ll figure it out by the time we determine a winner next weekend. Reply in the comments to be considered.

Tell me what Sebastian is thinking with that fat cock up his ass!






Update: Sunday, October 18, 2015

Again. Solid replied from everyone. But check out this little nug that was my favorite:


That was CockConqueror‘s entry, and as any good bottom knows, it’s extremely true to life. Chipotle is always your enemy when you’re gonna ride some dicks. Well done, CC. Shoot me an email and I’ll set you up with 6 months of Manhunt VIP! Blam!

Everyone else- thank you! Keep commenting and check out this week’s gif here.



10 thoughts on “Caption Contest/Gif of the Week

  1. YES!!! This feels exactly the way I’ve always dreamed it would!!! Wait till I tell my brother George he did it wrong!! Thank you, GOD!!

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