Can Someone PLEASE Fuck This Man & Tell Me Everything About It?!?!

Here’s a 26 year-old fellow from Sydney, Australia with a fuzzy, athletic build and extremely lickable armpits. He doesn’t have much to say in his Manhunt profile—which you can find under the name thebrowser—but he manages to cover important things like his 8 inch uncut rod and the fact that he leans toward the bottom side of the spectrum.

Since I am nowhere near Australia and would never have a chance with this man in a zillion years, it would be pretty cool if one of you could fuck this guy, then Skype with me and tell me every single thing about how it feels to be inside of his butt. What’s his favorite position? How does he sound when he moans? Where does he like a guy to blow his load? I want answers to all of these questions.

– Dewitt

Check out additional pictures of Manhunt member thebrowser below:






Head over here to view his full profile or send him a message.



6 thoughts on “Can Someone PLEASE Fuck This Man & Tell Me Everything About It?!?!

  1. Beautifully dusting of fur on his chest, and very intriguing legs, sensing his butt will be just as furry as his legs, and then that hole… mmmm-mmmph! Somehow I think he’ll make an excellent pairing with that king of a silver foxAnthony Varrecchia! *knees buckle at the thought of it*

  2. I have some pics of him!!!! He is fucking gorgeous…i got the info!!. and he is not from australia!!!!

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