Butts Make The World Go Round.

I am pretty gay for butts! When I saw this 25 year-old Brazilian beauty with his smooth round cheeks poking out from a pair of jock briefs, it brought a great amount of joy to my dick and almost made me want to book a flight straight to São Paulo (as if I’d ever have a chance with someone this stunning).

This fellow can be found on Manhunt under the name DAMOM_ZO, and based on that one shot, it looks like he’s got a pretty impressive uncut shaft dangling between his legs. I certainly wouldn’t mind getting a closer look to see exactly how impressed I’d be, that’s for sure.

– Dewitt

Check out additional pictures of Manhunt member DAMOM_ZO below:






Head over here to view his full profile or send him a message.



8 thoughts on “Butts Make The World Go Round.

  1. Oh, I left out one crucial information, I was referring to the sausage being gluten free. The buns are just wholewheat, just the way I like it! Yummo!

  2. I’m not trying to be cynical here but the body-part-only shots normally are body parts that belong to another person. Just got my ENTIRE Sat night ruined cuz some fucker used other people’s dick pic.
    This guy is pretty enough though, so I dont mind if his ass isn’t exactly like the close up shot

  3. While it’s true a lot of people use other images, and there’s a special place in hell reserved for them, he has a full body shot full with ass, dick, and face. Pretty sure this one is legit. 😉

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