BTS With Naked Sword, JP Dubois, Killian James, and Mickey Taylor


What better use of a Saturday than getting to fangirl a little bit over some long time internet crushes, in their very presence! And also they’re naked! And doing butt stuff!

I got to spend this afternoon with English studs JP Dubois and Mickey Taylor at the home of my friend (and neighbor!), Killian James, while they filmed some upcoming bits for Naked Sword. Sometimes set visits can be weird and tense and filled up with gossipy drama and personal insecurities and performance anxieties, but truth be told, this was a fantastic group of guys and I’m actually legit excited for this scene to get edited and released. Everyone seemed to know what they were doing, have their shit together, and achieve well timed erections. So until Naked Sword sends this out for public consumption, I get to share some BTS pics with you guys!

First up, Killian James:

Killian James

Looking muscly as always with arms bigger than I’ll ever have. Killian James

Killian’s pup, Wilbur, was also on set and helping to give us something to talk about other than big huge boners.  Other than that though, Wilbur was not impressed.


I had the chance to talk with Micky Taylor while Killian and JP were doing still photos and that guy is fucking fascinating. I highly recommend you check out his Youtube channel and follow him on twitter.  It’s always completely refreshing to talk with someone in the industry who seems like they’ve got their shit together and know what they want. Mickey either has a phenomenally convincing act, or he might be the most with-it 22 year old the world has ever known. Also he looks like this:

mickey taylorso it’s easy to get confused when he’s talking to you.

Mickey TaylorMickey Taylor

Mickey was just there to help out, so he managed to keep all of his clothes on the entire time and act like a professional.


And then there’s JP.

JP Dubois JP Dubois

I have such a crush on this guy. You don’t even know. And today was one of those great situations where talking to someone you’ve watched and enjoyed for a long time didn’t turn out to ruin it forever more! JP is actually nicer, quieter, and more unassuming than anyone could ask for, and his dick is actually bigger in person. Ka-blam!

If I had one complaint it was that I kind of wanted his accent to be more severe than the delightful lilt he brought with today. JP is also a fascinating guy who’s been in the business for a long time. Expect an in depth interview with him on the Daily in the coming week or so. I definitely wanna know more.

And any time I get to watch Mr. Pam do her thing, it’s always a delight. She was in full force today making sure everyone was well caffeinated and getting the shots they needed to make this look amazing.  IMG_1831

Various and sundry:

JP Dubois IMG_1867 IMG_1834

It was cool to get to hang out with some guys and get to know them a bit today, and I honestly really want to see how this Naked Sword scene comes out. It’s weird to be there during the process and then watch the finished product, after they’ve added all the dubbing and special effects. Watch for me to be bringing this up again in January when it’s revealed! Full review and possibly performers commentary 😉




2 thoughts on “BTS With Naked Sword, JP Dubois, Killian James, and Mickey Taylor

  1. You lucky SOB! You’re friends with Killian, and you get to hang out with Micky, JP and the lovely Mr Pam. Oh and you’re neighbours with Killian in the best city in the world

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