BREAKING NEWS: Man In Argentina Needs To Slam My Hole All Night Long

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA –A muscular, 40 year-old man has described himself as a “top” on the popular gay dating site Manhunt. After seeing his bulging biceps, hairy torso and fantastic beard, one extremely inspiring journalist reportedly experienced another severe case of hole-twitching and excused himself to “take matters into his own hands” in the company restroom.

Multiple sources can confirm that the journalist would allow Manhunt member musculosofaby to utilize every orifice on his body for whatever purpose imaginable. When asked to comment on this story, the gifted and extraordinary handsome writer placed his hands on his cheeks and silently whispered to himself “My body is ready”, as his hands drifted lower and lower toward his genitals.

Gay Journalist

Feast your eyes on images of Manhunt member musculosofaby below:





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5 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Man In Argentina Needs To Slam My Hole All Night Long

  1. And all morning the next day. BTW, I’m free for the rest of the week starting immediately after that morning. 😉

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