Breakfast In Bed With Jared

Sure, it might be too late in the morning for “breakfast in bed”, but do you really need an excuse to look at a cute blond guy standing naked in a kitchen? Nope! Our dear friends at Team Boro (who brought you my new #1 crush Tate yesterday) sent us these two exclusive shots of their model Jared, as a sneak peek of what else their site has to offer.

It’s not really clear why Jared’s bothering to cook anything on the stovetop, because all the breakfast I’d need is attached to his two fuzzy legs… I’m talking about his butt, people! I mean, who needs an alarm clock, when you can wake up with some ass in your face (or some lips around your dick)?

– Dewitt

Jared Jan19-12 0620 photo by Marlen Boro-2

Jared Jan19-12 0705 photo by Marlen Boro-2

(via Team Boro)

11 thoughts on “Breakfast In Bed With Jared

  1. He’s cute but has those oh so original star tatoos..which makes me think he mustn’t be that interesting 🙂

  2. Naked with shoes and socks on? That’s weird. How about some slippers or flip flops? That would at least be believable.

  3. Which shows what a bad idea it is to make permanent aesthetic choices for your body. Today’s original idea is tomorrow’s tiresome cliche, then you’re stuck with it forever….

  4. Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that every tattoo had to be unique and original. And if it’s not then you have are worthy of being judged severely by the tattoo police.

  5. Imagine getting dressed in the morning and then being obligated to wear that day’s outfit every day for the rest of your life. Regardless of how styles and your own personal tastes might evolve over time. Tattooing isn’t much different. Why does it always infuriate tattoo fans to have this pointed out to them? Because they know it’s true?

  6. Not, it’s because they understand they can’t take it off! They knew that when they got it as a permanent expression of who they are, and very much like that outfit you describe, they CHOSE to wear it everyday. So, there is really no need to YOU to point anything out them that they didn’t already know. So thanks, but no thanks for your “input”, irrelevant as it may be. You may think getting tattooed is stupid, but it doesn’t mean that tattooed people are stupid too.

  7. no,not stupid at all,shortsided?,absolutely, caught up in the moment because “everyone else is doing it”.

  8. “everyone else is doing it.” LOL! Tattooing has been around for over 5,000 years… “everyone else” is the understatement of our EXISTENCE! I don’t have any tattoos, but my partner of 10 years does and I think he looks sexy with them. He’s had one of them for more than 20 years… He just wants to get it touched up now. Must be nice to be so perfect you can judge someone’s decisions on their own body, in their own life.

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