Brazilian Twins Marcio & Marcos Patriota = BONERS4EVER

Eat your heart(s) out, Peters Twins! There’s a new pair of really hot, identical siblings on the block, and they don’t have to stick their dicks in one another to get our attention. These two lovely gentlemen are known as Marcio and Marcos Patriota. They just did a shoot with Rick Day for fantasticsmag, and it’s sizzling with so much sexual intention that we feel a little inappropriate.

But, oddly enough, we feel less weird about this than the scene we posted earlier this week, where Conner Habib flip-fucked with his fake actual-daddy Allen Silver. Hmm…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Rick Day

Click through to see more of the Patriota twins:

(via fantasticsmag)

55 thoughts on “Brazilian Twins Marcio & Marcos Patriota = BONERS4EVER

  1. Austin… get a life.. we all know that twins are HOT – specially these two!! go crawl back into the hole you crawled out of! LOL

  2. woof  –  nothing hotter than two very  handsome twins showing their affection.  i  got an instant hard on!!!!

  3. In my defense, the original source (fantasticsmag) listed him as Marcus on the sidebar, but you’re right—it’s definitely Marcos.

  4. Also, in my defense, it was hard to compose my thoughts when these pictures were in front of me. JUST SAYIN’.

  5. This fascination with twin siblings in gay media is disturbing..wrong..and unless I’m very much mistaken incest,portrayal of intimation or suggestion of and act there of are illegal.

    Its suggestion in the images above may appeal to some but will doubtless repel others.

  6. That is unfair…and hot. And unfair. They make James Franco look like the brokeass version of James Franco, like they took his face and perfected it, twice. I hope they do have sex with each other, I really hope they do, and I assume they’re uncut.

  7. So… when others say “two men is wrong” we scream that their ignorant and bigoted. Yet the portrayal of two SAME SEX(meaning, no way in hell they would be able to reproduce), consenting, ADULT, identical twins in any sexual light is just absolutely wrong and all the gays of the world should stifle any MENTION of it?

    Wow… bit of a double standard… :-/

  8. Its Marcos and not Marcus..and how said in Brazilians are all uncut? we’re a mix country just like USA…and you can see…those Twin they are not dark feature!..Thanks God he create the Brazilians!!!

  9. Haha ur all a bunch of tools. It’s a friggen photo shoot. They probably didn’t do n e thing other than posing for those people that enjoy the thought….

  10. Even one by himself would be fine, two are just better, and it’s a photo shoot. “OK, Just look into his eyes, pull on his underwear, lean closer. that’s good, HOLD”
    that how it goes… get a life

  11. I’m Brazilian and I have two brothers who are also twins named Marcos and Marcio. Too bad they’re not like these two guys. I’d like an exchange.

  12. Yeah, if I were that hot and had a twin, I’d make out/have sex with “myself” just see what it would be like.

    With these guys, I bet it’s amazing!

  13. @Teva: The Barbi twins sold record-breaking amount of magazines for Hugh Hefner. Sexual fascination with twins is hardly a ‘gay media’ thing.

  14. OMG!!! I want to be in the middle of these two, one at each end. It’s my BIGGEST FANTASY to have identical twins. These guys are so HOT got a hard on looking at them, needless to say it didn’t last long. Thank goodness for moist wipes, oooops just missed the screen!!!!!!

  15. Def hot men! And def would love for them both to be all up on me… But together with each other… Not so much

  16. I have the great pleasure of working with two Brazilian brothers. Motherfucker are they hot, and I imagine that they fuck each. They always change together at work. So hot

  17. man if these two are together its none of our business, the most that any of us see is two brothers almost kissing, what is wrong with you people??

  18. I like how all these people are saying “eww, this is gross”. That’s prudish for “I came looking at these two”

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