Brazil Breeders

Douglas Ferraz is hard as a rock and looking for a cum hungry hole when his beach buddy Joao Miguel yanks the thick tan tool out of his sport briefs.

After Joao drops to his knees and slurps the giant uncut monster dick, Ferraz grinds his dark tatted muscles into him, presses their tight hot bodies together. He slides down to get a tongue up into Miguel’s tight bubble butt, licking along the stubbly crack.

Joao’s perfect prick pops up to attention, showing he’s ready for a deep raw fuck.

Douglas pumps his prong in hard and deep, pounding in to the fuzzy root. Joao gladly grinds his butt back into the bare anal attack.

The two tough Latin fuckers groan in animal fuck lust when Joao climbs on top to ride the thick uncut dark meat. Douglas fucks a splattering load out of him, pulls out and aims a hot juicy spurt straight at Joao’s quivering hole.


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