Biographer Claims Michael Jackson Was Gay

Michael Jackson

Shortly after hearing the news of Michael Jackson's death, a horrendous rhyme from my childhood popped into my head– "I pledge allegiance to the flag, Michael Jackson is a fag." Even as a kid, this line disturbed me. And now with one of the most inappropriate introductions possible, I bring you news that the King of Pop may have actually been homosexual.

An unauthorized biographer, Ian Halperin, claims that Jackson had at least two adult male lovers including a waiter and an aspiring actor. According to the writer, the allegations of child molestation are false, as the '80s icon had no interest in children. 
Wait a second! Now as much as I would love for that last part to be true, how can someone confirm that he had no interest in children? Did he just show him a bunch of photos of prepubescent boys and monitor whether or not he had a boner? Either way, it's interesting to know that Jackson could have been playing on our team.
– Dewitt

6 thoughts on “Biographer Claims Michael Jackson Was Gay

  1. i saw pics of mike from his “semi-still black” days and he was quite attractive!
    buh honestly, if ur dealing w/ mike jack on a sexual level, im sure he’d use his connections to turn you into an a-list actor and not just an aspiring one…

  2. Actually, that is exactly what they do to see if men are sexually aroused by different topics. They monitor the diameter of the penis as well as other factors in response to different stimuli.

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