Bi The Way: Trystan Bull, Rod Daily & Jessie Cox

Funny story! I was just going to write this long rant about how Next Door Studios has a handful of openly bisexual models on their roster, yet they rarely place them in MMF threeways. Sure, you always see Cody Cummings (teasing us) in a scene with a chick and another guy, but why can’t Samuel O’Toole and Trystan Bull get any hardcore bisexual lovin’?

You’ve seen their videos. Both men have appeared on camera fucking men and women. Even so, we’ve never seen them do both of these things in the same scene! The closest we get is Trystan’s threeway with Rod Daily and Jessie Cox. It’s mostly the two of them tag-teaming her, but at least there’s a little cock-sucking action, right?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Trystan Bull

To check out Trystan, Rod and Jessie in action, follow the JUMP:

Click below or here for a free video preview:

11 thoughts on “Bi The Way: Trystan Bull, Rod Daily & Jessie Cox

  1. I expect a free for all; at least his and her holes getting filled. Makes me miss the bi scenes from days of old.

  2. Can you imagine being DPed by these two, with one cock head curving up and the other curving down? Whoa!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Man, how I missed opportunity to have fun with Trystan when he worked at Montreal Campus bar!!! Silly me!!!

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