Bi The Way: Jimmy Visconti’s Bisexual Adventure

Here’s something for a change! Today’s installment of Bi The Way features full-fledged bisexual action, and we’re not talking some dinky MMF threesome. There are at least ten horny performers in Jimmy Visconti‘s bisexual orgy, and they’re all slurping, sucking and fucking with reckless abandon.

To be perfectly honest, it’s a little confusing! Where should you look? Who’s fucking who? Is that a flat-chested chick or a really pretty twink? Eventually, you just have to push these questions out of your mind and let your other brain do the thinking…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Visconti Triplets

Click through to watch a hardcore clip and more:

NOTE: This isn’t the first time the Visconti brothers threw a party like this.

132 thoughts on “Bi The Way: Jimmy Visconti’s Bisexual Adventure

  1. It’s a three-part scene, and there were three clips to choose from. The guys fuck the girls earlier in the encounter.

    I figured you’d rather see guys getting fucked with strap-ons than guys fucking girls? Maybe I was wrong.

  2. Very hot!!I love getting bone by a fox with a willing to jump right in the middle of all this action.Hell,make me the meay in the middle of 2 guys anyday!!

  3. But why then are you looking?! WTF, man? I hate stupid shit like what you wrote. If you don’t like something, don’t fucking look!

  4. Is it just me, or does everyone look incredibly bored in this clip?  They all just seem to be staring into space and mindlessly moaning.

  5. i just want to thank you again for posting these… im a gay man in a gay relationship – but i think bi sex is HOT@0a297f17d202cee6cd6a25d458f20e87:disqus these are my favorite posts !

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