Bi The Way: Dawson, Lucas & Cassie

Why is all bisexual porn so damn terrible? There are a few exceptions every now and then, but it seems like most photo sets are yanked right out of the 1990s. And nine times out of ten? The guys involved in a MMF threesome look like they’re merely tolerating the presence of pussy. On the flip side, several scenes don’t take the man-on-man action far enough, throwing in an occasional dick in mouth for good measure…

Technically, this is another one of those threesomes. Dawson and Lucas don’t do anything beyond kissing or sucking one another, but their interactions add to the intensity of their fucking. As each guy thrusts his hard cock into Cassie, there’s a sense of competition between them. They don’t just want to be the better fuck. They want their audience to want them.

While it makes for a pretty hot dynamic, there’s still something lacking in this equation. Sure, it’d be hot if they fucked one another, but it’d be even hotter if they wanted to fuck one another. Does anyone else hear what I’m saying? Or am I alone on this?

In any case, we’re still on a quest for good bisexual porn! If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment with more information. Until then, we’re willing to settle for something like Amateur College Sex. It may not be perfect, but it’s still fucking hot!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Amateur College Sex

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14 thoughts on “Bi The Way: Dawson, Lucas & Cassie

  1. These guys are cute! First pic with the toe sucking was hot, but WTF is w/ the anklet the guy has on, lol! They should definitely just toss the chick out and get down and dirty with each other!

  2. I love Lucas and Dawson.. the Corbin Fisher gang are all really hot. The bi threesome makes it hotter.

  3. I’ve learned to stay away from CF for my sanity. The early CF bi-scenes were pretty ridiculous. They used condoms on the guys and barebacked the girls IN THE SAME SCENE!

    Now they only bareback the guys when there’s a girl, even though there’s always another scene with the same two guys in the same room with a rubber on. I just pretend the girl magically turned into a condom.

    BTW, for as long as these two have been in CF, you’d think they’d finally learn to suck cock past the head.

  4. LOL “I just pretend the girl magically turned into a condom.” LOL That is some funny stuff!

    This is a hot scene. I love the first pic as well. The loose shorts on the guy is hot!

  5. They did a whole movie Dawson and Lucas Down Under where they went to Australia and spent the trip fucking each other bareback. Pretty damn hot stuff. They’re good friends in real life.

  6. Yay! I love “Bi the Way” These two guys are pretty hot, but you’ve never featured content from the best Bi site: Bi Barracks

  7. Everything Dawson & Lucas does is hot 🙂 🙂 🙂 Cumcompleteme I saw them FUCK 2 and it was really hot !!!

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