Beware Blowfish Testicles


In Tsuruoka, Japan seven men walked into a sushi joint and ordered grilled and sashimi blowfish testicles. Soon they were struggling to breathe and developing limb paralysis, common symptoms of blowfish poisoning.

"It contains a poison, called tetrodotoxin, that's nearly 100 times more
poisonous than potassium cyanide, according to the Ishikawa Health
Service Association. It can cause death within an hour and a half after

One must have a special license to carve up blowfish which is considered a delicious though potentially lethal delicacy. The owner/chef of the restaurant did not have this certification and is being investigated for negligence.

I think there are plenty of perfectly good occasions for eating balls, but not at the dinner table. What's your favorite sushi? Would you ever try blowfish?

– Wilbur

Photo Credit: Sinopix/Rex

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