Best Sex Scene of 2010: I Want Your Love

So what if we’ve never written about Travis Matthews‘ short film I Want Your Love? That doesn’t change the fact that it features some of the hottest onscreen sex of the year. To put it quite simply, this isn’t your standard smile and look at the camera porno. Hell, it’s not even technically porn! The project focuses on two best friends who “playfully negotiate their way toward having sex together for the first time”.

Within the past year, Matthews has gained a reputation for his voyeuristic, artistic and downright beautiful style. He’s even been praised by director John Cameron Mitchell as “a filmmaker of refreshing honesty… a new voice giving queer cinema a much needed injection of emotional intimacy.” Um, that’s coming from the man who wrote, directed and starred in Hedwig and The Angry Inch!

Long story short, I Want Your Love is in the running for TLA‘s 2010 Short Film Contest. And we really think it should win. Sure, we didn’t have the patience to watch every clip in the running, but could they really be better than this? If you’re loving this as much as we are, be sure to head over here and vote now!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: NakedSword

To watch the fifteen-minute clip, follow the JUMP:

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38 thoughts on “Best Sex Scene of 2010: I Want Your Love

  1. I loved this clip. No, it didn’t give me a raging hardon, like hardcore porno can often do. It did, however, give me the sense that love (or great emotional feeling) and sex can co-exist. That’s something I’ve been looking for for quite some time. I’ve never been able to “marry” the two, somehow. This clip gives me new hope to keep looking.

  2. This clip made me hard eventhough it isn’t your typical hardcore porn. I LOVED how natural and REAL this was, and how “normal” the guys are – not “studio” types we see online every day. Felt like I was in the room with them, watching the chemistry happen naturally. I want to own this film NOW!!!!! Trying to see if it’s available or not. HOTTEST porn film out there in my opinion because of the real quality. Makes me wanna go grab my partner when he gets home tonight & make sweet love to him just like they did!!!

  3. i enjoyed that very much. more the leading up and the afterward than the actual sex. but i guess that brings up the question…if we are watching 2 people (or more) having what is obviously actual sex, when does it stop being pornography and start being art? is it when the camera is shaking like an indie film? is it art because we don’t get that up-the-butt-from-underneath shot? or is pornography art, but just low-brow art?

    (cause if it is, consider me a low-brow enthusiast. :P)

  4. This has got to be the HOTTEST porn I’ve ever seen! The ‘realness’ factor is amazing! This is raw sexiness; it may not be hardcore, but it sure does get the blood flowing!

  5. I definitely prefer this porn to robotic jackhammering Eastern European love slaves. But it’s kind of sad at the end when they guy gets his phone. I got the impression this love was doomed to failure :-/

    Also kind of wish they weren’t quite so…hipster…looks like they smell a little.

  6. I definitely prefer this porn to robotic jackhammering Eastern European love slaves. But it’s kind of sad at the end when they guy gets his phone. I got the impression this love was doomed to failure :-/

    Also kind of wish they weren’t quite so…hipster…looks like they smell a little.

  7. Thoroughly enjoyed this short film. Reminded me of a couple of encounters I had in my younger days. I’m lucky enough that hubby and I still have episodes like this.

  8. The comments make me sad. Every one is so fixated on the sex. I was too. Until the end. When Jesse was on the phone and started making plans, and Brenden looked so forlorn. I’ve had this happen to me before. Hanging out with a guy that I have some underlying affection for. And all he ended up wanting was sex, and he didn’t realize that maybe I just wanted him to stay the night with me. Good short film. For MORE than the sex. And now I’m feeling a little forlorn myself 🙁

  9. Yeah, the heart wrenching part is when the guy says, “Just hanging out with Brendon.” It’s like, OOH, SNAP. It was good.

    I wish I make films like this when I’m done with school. Probably won’t. =(

  10. I loved every single moment of this clip & could watch this over & over & over again…the characters seem’d so natural & comfortable with each other & they took their time, made it very sensual & sexy all at once!!! Definitely better than any porn I’ve seen in quite some time!!!

  11. The video was very well-done,

    The bottom is so my type even though the sex wasn’t that good.

    But, this reminds me of the question:

    Can gay men (or women) be long-time, close-friends without having sex ?

  12. what wonderful SADNESS in the last short image. It’s incredible but I cannot dissuade my look rom this two spendid persons. A wALL IN LOVEriter takes his pen to write the words againa all in love is fair

  13. That is TOO hot and beautiful and wonderful and loving to be porn. If all porn was like that I’d never watch anything else!

  14. Ugh, I just watched most of the other TLA films, and honestly, this is the one to vote for. Not just because ManHuntDaily says so, either. The other films all have a “message.” And granted, that’s great. But they all feel like public service announcements. This film treats gay as a norm. It doesn’t need to preach, but it felt like just another film that happened to have two gay guys in it.

  15. As the director apparently intends, the intimacy we, the viewers, begin to share with the characters as well as the chemistry we sense between the two of them coupled with explicit depiction of realistic sex, brings this film into a cloud nine of eroticism, in this case between two men. However, you want to label it, it is much more arousing than typical porn. Kudos to Travis Mathews! I hope we see more of this type of erotic video.

  16. I thought it was wondefully real and heartfelt,with some real heart and soul this is what we all want but hate to admit it”intimacy” real life and they were very believable great job guys!

  17. I think what makes this art, isn’t directors, nor actors, but that the story focus is on the one sides’ chrush on the other and that the development seems so natural. You don’t think about it, it’s that natural. It’s a setting you actually can live yourself into, in contradiction to the mailman-comes-by-and-fucks-you-in-the-ass stories.

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