“Being Hairy Does Not Make You More Masculine”

I’ve always had a thing for daddies. In 7th grade, I had a serious thing for my P.E. teacher, and I always got excited seeing his hairy chest and short shorts. I’ve carried that older man fixation well into my thirties, even though I’m the one being called daddy now! (Not that I’m complaining.)

HandsomeMuscleLA is the epitome of a DILF: muscular, big butt and devilishly handsome. This former model turned photographer likes his boys cute, hung and preferably smooth. Skinny is fine, too, since he’s got enough muscle for two. Time for me to start hitting the gym!


Check out more pictures from this beefy daddy below:








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20 thoughts on ““Being Hairy Does Not Make You More Masculine”

  1. What is with the father-son thing? I’m sorry but the last thing I want to do is have sex with someone who looks like my dad

  2. I would have sex with my dad in a second. He is one of the hottest men I’ve ever seen in my life. And he bought me my first weight set, totally sports guy who takes care of himself, and did not flinch when I came out, he just shrugged his shoulders and say “whatever makes you happy.” I would bend over if he only asked.

  3. Older guys tend to like hitting up younger girls/guys. Look at all the 50 year old celebs dating 18-22 year olds…………………..

  4. Don’t you think it is time to start thinking out of the box? Every one of this guy’s photos is well lit and retouched, and he includes 5 almost identical shirtless photos, but with his head tilted in different directions. We know he’s a bottom, single, he owns a camera, a tripod, a mirror (no windex) and adobe photoshop. Of course, he includes the obligatory “smooth only” “HUNG ONLY” and “mild to wild.” The only thing he’s missing is “if I dont’ respond i’m not interested,” (NO SHIT?) and “wired Nips.” Yup. He’s still single…i wonder why?

  5. When I think back, I would probably never want to have had sex with my Dad, but I definitely would have had sex with some of his buddies. Dad was a cop, and he was in a softball and basketball league. I used to workout in the gym and use the locker room at the police station. Straight sweat, cop uniforms and straight jockstraps were everywhere. SCHWINGG.

  6. I am 42 and I prefer dating guys 35 to 50. I have a gay 57 year old neighbor and he looks young 25 year old Dominican and Afro Brazilian men. Many older black males from the U.S. vacation in the Dominican Republic and Brazil looking for young trade to have sex with and this can be dangerous. Many of these young hustlers are looking to prey on older gay men for money. The same applies to older straight men looking to date or have sex with younger women. It’s so sad….. I prefer to masturbate to have a piece of mind and it’s safe. LOL

  7. Correction:

    I have a black gay 57 year old neighbor and he likes young 25 year old Dominican and Afro Brazilian men. Too each his own. He’s on holiday for 12 days in Brazil during the Thanksgiving holiday.

  8. Muscled he is, perhaps a “7”–but not with extraordinary sculpted definition to rate a “10” Does have handsome face. Curious, I read his profile. My reaction to reading it: strange, confrontational, and killed any curiosity. His only appeal for me was looks. Beyond that–nothing. Some pics turn on, then profiles turn off. I’m intrigued only when pics & profile are both turn-ons.

  9. That’s what I was thinking. I’d say early 50s. Nothing wrong with that, but don’t lie about your age.

  10. he looks 42 to me… I don’t think he’s lying, actually. Definitely doesn’t look in his 50s at pje821 says. I’m 44 and I don’t think he looks dramatically older than me by any means

  11. Perhaps it is more to do with the age span than it is “looking like” their actual dad. Father/son bonding is something not all of us got for various reasons or what we got was not very positive. That type of age play can be very healing as well as powerful because older guys do have more sexual experience (generally speaking) so there’s much that can be learned there. Just a thought.

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