Baseball, Election, Leather and Motocross: 7Qs With Dallas Steele

“I like to fuck my partner so hard they can’t help but shoot a massive load.”

Oh, be still my heart. Dallas Steele just became a Titan exclusive just a minute ago and he’s already one of my favorites.  He’s got a live show coming up tonight (that you can find out more about here – just give me one damn minute already! It’s up.), so I wanted to take a second and get to know him with you guys.

This dude is smart and fascinating (in addition to falling into the textbook Titan Man Brand Handsomeness™ category), and also he specifically says not to call him ‘dude,’ so pretend I didn’t just do that. Off we go:

1. Firstly, congrats on becoming a Titan exclusive! Titan is having a pretty good year as a studio, and I’m sure you’re only going to improve things. Where have you shot before joining up with TM?

Thank you for the congratulations. It has been an incredible year for me. I didn’t even start doing porn until March and here it is almost December with a total of 17 scenes under my belt, although just nine of those have been released so far. It all began with COLT Studios- a solo video called “Big Buddies. That was followed by two rope bondage videos under the Bound Jocks label with Tyler Rush, and one solo video called “Dallas Steele is a Hogtied Wrestler.” Shortly after those, I was stunned to get the opportunity to travel to Spain for three movies with Men At Play, “Pull Up To The Bumper” with Flex Extremo, “Take The Bait” with Logan Moore, and “Hands Free” with Robbie Rojo. In April, I shot my first TitanMen scenes for “Blue Collar Ballers” with Dirk Caber and “Break a Sweat” with Hunter Marx. That was followed by my one and only shoot with Fetish Force/Raging Stallion “Permission” with Mike De Marko. Since then, I’ve done four more movies with Titan that are set for release in 2016. And in November, after I signed as a Titan Exclusive, the company graciously loaned me to Ray Dragon Productions for a yet untitled movie under legendary director Joe Gage.

2. Your Rentmen bio is fucking fascinating. Please build your own site. I realize that’s not a question, but there you have it.

I plan on starting my own website sometime next year. Honestly, right now, just keeping up with interviews, emails, and social media is overwhelming. My boyfriend helps, but if you’re doing it right, marketing yourself in porn and escorting is pretty close to a full time job.

3. Tell me a bit about your transition from TV news to “man who gets to pound dudes like Hunter Marx for a living?” Was that an intentional transition? Or were you just *discovered* by an undercover porno talent scout?

It is a VERY long story – one I intend to write a book about one day. The short version is that when you reach the top in TV as the main anchor, you carry the entire station on your shoulders. They live and die by the ratings. And you are only as good as your last show and the ratings from it. After 23 years in the business, I was at a point where the stress was killing me and I was being asked to stretch the truth and compromise my values as a journalist. TV news is a joke these days. No one rushes home to watch the 5pm news anymore. The pie of viewers is now just a tiny sliver of what it once was. As a result, stations are resorting to sensationalism and selling products inside newscasts to try and stay afloat. I was taking two anti-depressants, drinking lots, and sleeping in my car on my lunch break to combat the frustration and stress. The last straw was in Fort Myers, Florida when my boss called me in one day to say the station’s focus group research found that people there just didn’t like me. I’m here today to say that the management there can lick my ass because I now have more than 41,000 total followers on social media- far more than any of their so-called “talent.” People DO like me.

After leaving TV, I continued to do personal training- something I’ve done for 10 years, but after the accidential overdose death of my partner of 12 years, PT alone wasn’t paying the bills. I’ve always loved sex, love men, and love showing off, so porn was a natural selection for me. I went to the COLT and Titan websites and applied. They both called me within two weeks. Simple as that.

Losing my partner Kelly after 12 years together was probably the most traumatic experience of my life. I came home from work and found him lying face down in vomit and blood. I flipped him over and tried to revive him until the paramedics arrived. They entered the room and didn’t even approach. They said he’d be dead for three hours or more. Kelly overdosed on multiple cans of Maximum Impact (ethyl chloride). I don’t blame the spray. You can be addicted and abuse anything. And I don’t think he meant to take his life. He had everything prepared for the next day, plans with co-workers for lunch, plans with me for the weekend, and we had just bought a brand new home. If you’d like to more about my late partner, his service is online.

4. What’s been the most gratifying part of your adult career so far? What do you expect outta 2016?

That’s an easy one – getting fuck amazingly hot men and get paid for it! (laughing). While true, there is lots more to it. I’ve loved the adventure of getting to travel all over the country and especially the trip to Spain for Men At Play. Every trip and every shoot is a new and exciting rush. You never know what’s going to happen but you know you feel more alive than ever. Now as a TitanMen exclusive, I know I’ll be doing a set number of movies and a set number of webcam shows, but the exciting part is not know what those movies will be about or who I’ll be paired with scenes. I’ve also agreed to write (yes write – I was nominated for a regional Emmy for writing) a screenplay for a TitanMen movie.

5. What has escorting been like for you? Just a necessary part of being an adult performer? Or its own thing?

I’m still new to escorting- only been doing it about six months now, but my clients have been amazing men- not at all what society stereotypes them as. They are generally wealthy, powerful and fairly attractive guys who know exactly what they want and don’t want to deal with the bullshit of hook-up sites like Grindr or Scruff. They value professionalism. They know hiring a professional means (or should mean) you are early to an appointment, you are incredibly well scrubbed inside and out, you are sober, and you are 100% focused on delivering your client’s fantasy. We all know that porn doesn’t pay anything near what it once did, so having a regular job, or in my case, a not so regular job, is essential to survival.

I loved my career in television news- it was exciting and an absolute rush- I have interviewed every living President. With that said, escorting can be equally exciting in terms of the men you meet, their individual stories, and why they’re seeking your company. You learn a tremendous amount about psychology and the human condition.

6. Holy shit you just came while getting fucked by Hunter Marx! (I was watching this scene while I was writing this email, so that’s what this is about) That’s so wicked impressive when dudes can bust from getting pounded. I’m like 100% more impressed with you now than I already was. I have to turn this into a question somehow! What’s your personal favorite way to make your partner cum?

Yeah that was a hot scene with Hunter and I LOVE getting fucked and coming while getting fucked. Even when I top, and have to cum as a top, you don’t see it on video, but I stick a good size butt plug up my ass. It makes me cum faster and with more volume.

If I’m topping, I like to fuck my partner so hard they can’t help but shoot a massive load. If I’m on the bottom, same deal. I want them to fuck me into next week- hard as they can- that gets me off. Topping or bottoming, I also love to kiss. Kissing totally gets me off.

7. What’s your favorite on-set moment so far? Most embarrassing?

I suck at putting on condoms. TitanMen generally shows the top putting on a condom during the scene. During my scene with Dirk Caber in “Blue Collar Ballers,” it took THREE takes before I finally got it right! Check it out.

8. I’m gonna be watching your live show on Titan tonight – what can we expect to see there? Are you regularly doing cam shows there?

Thank you for watching. I’m currently doing two shows per month for TitanMen. Our goal is to make each show something special for our fans, so we’re not doing too many of them. Saturday’s show will be a combination of things – the first half will be an interactive game that allows viewers to select a card with a credit amount. The trick is, they don’t know what the other side says- but they can know for sure it’ll be something sexy and fun for me to do on camera. The second hour will be the hot stuff – full on jacking off and me using some of my favorite dildos. I have more than 60 in my collection as well as fuck machine, sling, fuck bench, and real milking machine from the UK.

9. Anything you wanna tell MHD readers about? Upcoming projects? Places they should vote for you for stuff?

As I said above, I already have four movies shot for release by TitanMen in 2016. I can’t give away too much, but I will give you four keywords: Baseball, Election, Leather and Motocross.

I wish I had started early enough this year to be nominated for “Best Newcomer” somewhere, but I am nominated for “Best Sex Scene” at the Cybersocket awards. Please vote for me and Dirk Caber!


See? I told you. This guy is like a big sexy onion.

Check out his answers to the Manhunt Daily 7Q:

1. What is your favorite word? Your least favorite?

‘Sup. Guys who email me with that get blocked immediately. Or those who address me as “guy,” “bro,” or “dude.” Unless we’re both in high school, it’s time you be a big boy and address people by proper titles. I prefer my name to be “Sir” or “Daddy.”

2. What turns you on, physically, creatively or emotionally?

I like men who are fit, smart, confident, not full of themselves and emotionally venerable enough to admit their weaknesses. I don’t care how hot your body is, if you think you’re all that and brag about yourself, you’re not going to get anywhere with me.

3. What turns you off?

Bad breath. Dirty ass- inside or out. Lying. Arrogance. Game players. Drug users.

4. What’s your long-term plan? In ten years? In 20?

I have no illusion about porn being long-term. It’s a 2-5 year experience – at most. Escorting might last a bit longer. But eventually, I would consider a behind-the-scenes role in porn, perhaps as a studio exec or planner- something like it. I think my boss Keith Webb, the VP of TitanMen, has a great job. I wouldn’t mind following in his footsteps.

5. What profession, other than your own, would you love to try?

I have excellent writing, presentation and organizational skills. I function incredibly well under pressure and on deadlines. I think I’d be great in any form of public relations- especially crisis communication or marketing.

6. When you’re home alone, and masturbating without an audience or partner, what’s your guilty secret porn?

I watch a lot of straight porn. I love straight movies with hot men that have big cocks plowing the asses of tiny women. Even better if it’s like two black men plowing a little white girl. Yeah that’s not at all politically correct, but I can totally imagine myself as the white girl- only I’d want them both plowing me in a DP scene. I also love blowjob scenes where the guy starts to cum in her mouth then she opens and it all flows out onto her face and chin.

7. How do you handle all the negativity that comes the way of adult performers? Any advice on that for others?

Everyone in my life knows. Everyone on my Facebook page knows. I live a very open, honest life. When you have no secrets, it’s very difficult for people to threaten you or try to belittle you. Friends sometimes try to tell me what others are saying about me, but I generally refuse to listen. I don’t want to know – I don’t need to know. Ignorance to ignorance is indeed bliss. What other people think of me is none of my business because it’s out of my control. What I think of me is 100% my business because I’m in charge of that.

My advice to new performers is to do your research on studios and actors BEFORE you commit to a project. Talk to as many people as you can. Check reputations. Look at the products from various stations. Read blogs. Consider all the evidence before making a commitment. Find someone you can trust in the business and bounce ideas off them. Don’t be in a rush to shoot as many movies as possible- quality over quantity will extend your career. Note the divisions between condom and bareback in porn today and know that many condom studios will not use you once you’ve done bareback movies. I’ve recently written a great article for guys thinking of getting into porn.


I can’t wait for his live show tonight, and I’ll have a post up with details about that shortly. How fuckin sexy is this guy? Follow Titan Exclusive, Dallas Steele on twitter.




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