(Bare) Backing His Petition

Milo Madera is a conscientious neighbor trying to collect signatures to have a speed bump installed in the neighborhood. A long day of slammed doors and rude encounters door-to-door in the rain has begun to hamper his spirit. However, Milo isn’t one to throw in the towel early and today is his lucky day.

Tyler Tash is behind his final door of the evening and he is happy to help. But first, he has to get him out of his wet clothes. He immediately realizes that opportunity has come knocking as soon Milo’s shirt comes off.

Wasting no time, his physical body warmth seduces his visitor. They kiss deeply and strip to their underwear, their defined abs flexing. Milo uses his deep throat to thank Tyler for his support and Tyler returns the favor with a wet tongue-fucking before pounding his Latin visitor until he shoots all over, and finishing all over his face with an explosive cum shot.


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