Bad Bunny leaves little to the imagination in sexy new bathtub pics & we’re watching respectfully

Our thirst hath both been teased and quenched simultaneously, and we once again have Bad Bunny to thank.

Taking to his Instagram account — which now only has three total posts — the 29-year-old Puerto Rican rapper posted a series of shirtless pictures of himself in a tub with the simple caption “baño,” which means “bathroom.”

In the carousel of photos, the first three are of Bunny posing and showing off his upper chest and arm tattoos while soaking wet and bubbly, pouting his lips and giving the camera some serious “come here” bedroom eyes.

The fourth photo caused the most stir, since it’s just the foamy bathwater with Bunny’s legs coming out, leaving very little coverage in his middle section and forcing fans to pull out their eagle eyes and see if a zoom-in would let them get a glimpse of his naughty bits.

It doesn’t, but we can all dream, can’t we?

As of this writing, the post has gained almost 5 million likes in the three days since it’s been posted, and again acts as only one of three posts remaining on the rapper’s account.

The comments, of course, were flooded with thirst and desire to see between the bubbles, with one fan affectionally referring to him as “Bath Bunny” and another saying, “What in the Saltburn is going on here???” in reference to the viral bath scene from the recent movie.

All we know is we’re not mad. We don’t know what prompted the bathtub photoshoot, but we hope he takes the thirst comments and just turns it out to give us more.

Those interested in seeing Bunny in person can catch him on his upcoming Most Wanted Tour, which kicks off the 31-city North American leg on February 21 in Salt Lake City. Also keep an eye on the upcoming Netflix series They Both Die at the End based on a book of the same name by Adam Silvera, where Bunny will serve as an executive producer.

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