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Do you have a hankering for another UK girl group? The Saturdays debuted their latest single "Ego" a few months, and we received a few requests to see it on the next Weekly Top Ten. I'm not too crazy about the track, but maybe it'll grow on me after another listen or two. Or maybe not.

But enough about my opinion–what do you guys think of this power pop jam? If it started playing at a bar, would you be dancing your ass off or sipping your drink on the sidelines? Either way, you'll probably be seeing it on this weekend's charts!

– Dewitt

To listen to "Ego", follow the JUMP:

7 thoughts on “Aural Only: The Saturdays

  1. The song is fun and the girls are cute but they seem like they are trying to be like people already out in the business, you have one that looks like a cross between Leona Lewis and Victoria Beckham, one between Rhianna and Victoria Beckham, one looks like Aubrey from Danity Kane with Lady Gaga’s lighting bolt, and one that seems similar to Aundrea from DK. With that said I will still listen to then though.

  2. Could have been good…but when the song gets to what should be the “hook” chorus, it just doesn’t quite make it. I’d be surprised if this record hits.

  3. I really wished they would have picked a better song for the single. One Shot, Wordshaker, Here Standing. There are so many better tracks on the new album than this.

  4. wow!!!! It’s so nice to see here the saturdays even though this is not my favourite song… this one rocks but u must listen to the b-side for this single “Flashback” god that one is just amazing…

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